LeSportSac: Baby bag alternative

I took my loyal LeSportSac Medium Weekender bag on our trip to Bali as the inflight “baby bag”, and I am reminded how AWESOME these bags are! They’re lightweight, has lots of pockets and easily cleaned. They zip up close and some versions come with padlock and keys! Totally ALL the points ticked in my books.

The thing that really appeals to me is that LeSportSac bags have the most fun prints 🙂 You can easily spot me in the crowd when I carry it – this is apparently the number one “Fear” that Mr E has when he travels with me: losing me in the crowd #bless

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get this brand here in Australia. However, most International airports have them, and you can buy them through Shopbop and Asos 🙂

Here are my top picks for a nappy bag:

 1. Baby Utility Bag | 2. Voyager Backpack | 3. Medium Weekender (click image to enlarge)

LeSportSac regularly collaborates with different brand (e.g. Disney, Peanuts, etc) as well as designers, so they do come up with new prints all the time. As such they only produce a limited number for each bag, so once they’re gone, they’re gone 🙂 However at the same token, as they will have plenty of stock all the time, they regularly have sales too 🙂

I absolutely love their Bambi collection and would love to get the backpack (2) if I could when they are on sale. Little E is using my KanKen Backpackto school now and he looks so incredibly adorable wearing it. Right now, I walk around without a nappy bag, and I honestly don’t really need one anymore. But anything as an excuse to buy a new bag is a good excuse 😉 Besides, my little lady will need a school bag soon……………

PS. If you have been a reader of mine for a while, you would already guess the reason for the so many posts lately. Yep, it is assignment time and I am procrastinating 😀

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