Child-friendly restaurants: Poachers Pantry

Poachers Pantry
Ph: 02 6230 2487
431 Nanima Rd
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Ever since Little E came along, we have hardly been to a “fancy” restaurant. Mainly because his dinner and bedtime routine starts at 5pm. Also, most of the fancier restaurants tend to be so serious and clean and oh-so-quiet. So I was a little bit nervous going to Poachers Pantry, as it seemed so fancy and uber popular. I saw it as a good introduction back into the fine-dining experience for us though, so I booked lunch there when the inlaws were in town. As mentioned in this post, we thoroughly enjoyed the food there.

2013-11-03 14.43.22_resized

Here’s why Poachers Pantry is a child-friendly restaurant.

When we arrived at the place, the highchair was already placed at the head of the table, away from the other diners. Even then, we weren’t cramped in any way and had enough space to be comfortable. The waitresses were friendly and understanding when Little E started to get silly as he was bored waiting for us to finish our leisurely 3-course lunch. When he dropped Mr E’s fork, a new clean one magically appeared on the table.

2013-11-03 14.40.44_resized

The food came beautifully presented (as per pictures above), yet it didn’t take very long at all to come. They didn’t taste overly salted either, so I didn’t hesitate giving Little E a taste of everything. Though the dishes are aimed for adults, I was able to cut bits of food to give him as finger-food. There were also a 2 people-band playing, providing nice happy music on the background.

There is a grass area outside, where some children were running around having a giggle. On a nice sunny and warm day, I would imagine it would be the perfect place for a leisurely lunch. When Little E was fussing, my mum inlaw took him outside for a bit of a play, and she told me that he had fun crawling around on the grass 🙂

2013-11-03 14.39.50_resized

I will definitely go back to Poachers Pantry, this time, I will make sure Mr E put down the right address on the GPS! 😉 It is a great alternative to same ol same ol Canberran restaurants, especially if you have visitors coming into town.

Child-friendly restaurants: Asian Noodle House, Woden

Asian Noodle House
6 Launceston St
Phillip (near the Ice Skating rink)
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Laksa is my comfort food. When I feel sad or down, and you give me a bowl of laksa, I will be your best friend forever (or until I finish licking the bowl). However, I found that most Chinese restaurants don’t cater for little people so it’s hard to take Little E out for when I get the craving. Most places don’t have highchairs, and pack their tables and chairs so tightly, you can’t fit a pram. I won’t name names, but we were almost turned away from a popular Chinese/Asian restaurant in Civic because of our pram.

Anyway, I went to Asian Noodle House in Woden for a lunch date one day and it was great. There were enough room for a pram and they had a highchair for Little E. Mind you, it was pretty grotty but at least I didn’t have to feed him in his pram. Being a Friday, there were plenty of office workers there, yet I didn’t feel rushed.

I must admit I only have their laksa when I go, so I can’t vouch for the other dishes. However, I thought the laksa I had was as good as their other branches I’ve been to (Dickson and Tuggeranong), and similar prices too I think. Like most Chinese places, our food came very quickly, important indeed when dealing with a hungry baby! 🙂 Mr E likes their Bah Boon (heeeheeeheeee), which is a vermicelli noodle dish – it is nice and fresh, perfect for a hot summer day food!

I felt so bad when I left the restaurant as Little E made such a big mess. However, the waitress didn’t seem to mind and even gave him a little wave. Phew!

Child-friendly restaurants: Grill’d, Civic

Grill’d Canberra Centre
Ground Floor, Scotts Crossing Entrance
148 Bunda St
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I like Grill’d. Lucky, as my last ones cost a LOT. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was offered more free burgers, this time for proper review purposes.


We went today for lunch and I ordered my usual, The Kung Fu Fighter. My burger came within 5 minutes of us ordering, even though there were a steady stream of people coming in. My beef patty was juicy, and my buns nicely toasted. I don’t know how but they know the right amount of sauce and mayo to put on. Enough to get the taste but not too much that it makes your buns soggy very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger.


The chips we had were crunchy but nice and fluffy on the inside. I don’t normally like the rosemary herbs they put on the chips but today, they put just the right amount to not be so overpowering. I also liked that there were a lot of those little crunchy chips. Comment below if you know what I’m talking about!


Mr E is still doing his elimination diet, so before we got there, we went to their website to suss out what he can have. I love how Grill’d has all their ingredients and nutritional table nicely laid out on their page. In the end, he had the Bird n Brie burger, with no mayo and on gluten free bread. I thought that they had put on just a little bit too much Cranberry sauce but Mr E loved it. I thought the chicken breast fillet was so moist and perfectly grilled. You would need to see it to believe it, but the chunk of brie cheese in the burger was massive! It was delicious!

I appreciate the friendly service we received today. They were attentive and looked like they’re happy to be there. It was great to see, as there’s nothing worse than having to deal with sour waitresses who appeared like they’d rather be anywhere else but there!


The way the place was set out is great for parents with prams. There were enough room for us to park our pram and have Little E sitting in the highchair provided, and still feeling like we’re not in everyone’s way. There was even an “outside” bit with fake grass and everything! Just for something different 😉

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at Grill’d in Civic today and I thank them for shouting us our burgers and chips 😉

Review: Butterfly Dawn Life Coaching

Like I have said previously, I believe in fate. In my moments of feeling inadequate and low of self-confidence, I was given the opportunity to do three free life coaching sessions with Butterfly Dawn. How could I say no to that? 🙂

I was able to relate and open up pretty quickly to Sarah. I guess through her experience, she would know how to put people’s mind at ease. In my first session with her, we discussed my feeling of inadequacy as a mum and what I could do to improve my self-confidence. It was in this session that she reminded me to do my daily Gratitude list again. We discussed my childhood and how it affected me now, and I wouldn’t say it was a breakthrough, but it was close to it.  I was not expecting any immediate result, however, after talking to her and doing my lists for a week, I could feel my confidence increasing.

On our second session, we discussed my constant feeling of guilt, especially when I get annoyed or frustrated at Little E. It is always my paranoia and fear that as soon as I catch myself feeling even the slightest of anger, I would turn into my mother. I really do not want that to happen, and so I would feel guilty for being angry/frustrated/annoyed. It was not healthy, as I would instead, internalised it. Again, Sarah was able to put my mind and worries at ease, and the words she said to me during that session would forever soothe my worry – “you cannot blame yourself for what someone else is frustrated about themselves”. I am grateful for those words.

We didn’t really discussed any more of my worries on our third sessions as, amazingly that day, I had felt peace. For a very long time, I have been troubled. I had difficulties in getting to sleep at night, even when Little E has started sleeping through till the morning. However, between the opportunities I had talking to Sarah, and the daily lists that I kept doing, I felt content and peaceful. Obviously, the road to being a better me and coming to terms with my childhood/family-situation is still very long. However, I know that I am already on the right path and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, I won’t be continuing my sessions with Sarah past the free sessions. As she is located in Victoria, we had been doing these sessions over the phone. It was very hard to be 100% concentrating on what we’re doing for the full hour (or more), as Little E would either be crying or needing my attention. I would prefer to have my coach in front of me in person, or when I have time for myself during the day, which I cannot see in the near future.

Regardless, I am thankful for the opportunity that I did have with Sarah. Like I have said above, I feel better about myself already and I know that what I am doing so far for my son, is exactly what he needs from me as his mother. What happened to me as I was growing up and the example set by my mother will need a lot of work to be done, but I know I am on my way to “freedom”.

If any of you are interested in doing life coaching, please do contact Sarah on her Facebook Page.

Fussy Little Eaters: Breakfast Muffins

I hate breakfast.

Or I should say, I hate normal breakfast food, like cereal, toasts, etc. I wouldn’t hate breakfast as much if I could have a big fry up or leftovers everyday. I guess I grew up eating rice with other savoury dishes for breakfast, while the usual healthy breakfast options here are sweet. It took around 6 years for Mr E to get me to have daily healthy breakfast of sorts. Even then, I still have to make myself eat in the morning. Also, Mr E could have the same breakfast every single day and he won’t be bored. I, on the other hand, need to change it up pretty often; else, I just won’t have any.

So the other day, I made some healthy breakfast muffins, inspired by this recipe. I was looking around for something that Mr E can have while he’s still on his elimination diet, and this recipe was perfect! I had to change it up a bit as I didn’t have any strawberries and I didn’t want to add that much sugar, so here’s what I did.

Banana Oats Breakfast Muffins


  • 2 1/2 cup plain Oats (not quick cooking)
  • 1 cup plain low fat greek yogurt
  • 2 Eggs
  • 3 tbs Maple Syrup
  • 1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp Baking soda
  • 1 tbs Mixed Spice or Cinnamon
  • 2 mashed riped large Bananas


  1. Pre-heat oven to 200C.
  2. In a food processor, add all ingredients and churn until all blended in together.
  3. Into a silicon muffin tray or foil liners, spoon mixture and bake for 20 minutes.

I quite liked these muffins, it is healthy and I get to have something different. I would heat one up in the microwave for about 20 seconds and give it to Little E to feed himself with. Since it isn’t a “wet” porridge, the mess he creates isn’t all that bad 🙂 I actually divided the mixture into two, and added half the maple syrup (1 1/2 tbs) into one of the mixtures, as I didn’t want Little E to have too much sugar in his diet. Mr E can’t have pears at the moment, but when he can, I will sure to use pears or apples instead.

I hope you try this recipe and like it 🙂 Let me know!