Personalise your own Le Pliage: Want.

I would be lying if I say I wasn’t nervous about my exam next week.

To make sure that I don’t think about it too much, and stressing my little brain out, I do what I do best: look at bags online 😛

As I go through my usual webpages, I saw the ad for personalising my own Le Pliage. I love Le Pliage bags, they’re so handy and hardy but so very light. Easy to store too as they can be folded into pretty much nothing.


Here are my top six colour combo with Miss V’s initials. Because, you know, all my bags purchases from now on are “for her to wear later” 😉 I do surprise myself sometimes, as I love the green colour combo even though I don’t “do green” normally. Knowing myself, I would probably end up with either the blue or pink with the yellow stripe. Or maybe even the red.

I do wish they do the personalisation for the backpacks though.

If you have a spare hour or so, go to the Longchamp website and go nuts! It is quite fun! 😉

FYI: only the Collins St, Melbourne shop does the personalisation in Australia.

Current Wishlist

What is it about needing to do my assignment that made me want to shop shop shop? Procrastinating? Perhaps. Emotional buying? Most likely.

Anyway, I have recently befriended a fellow bag lover and talking to her reignited my NEED for a new bag. Since returning the last “nappy bag” that didn’t work out, I have yet to find one I like enough to spend the money on*. I am considerably picky when it comes to bags, and I have not had the opportunity to actually go shopping for one yet. Mr E did spoilt me with a beautiful one last year for our 5th wedding anniversary, but like I said above, I NEED another new bag 😛


1. Le Pliage Bagpack | 2. Mini Pashli Satchel (I am also liking the backpack version of this) | 3. Petite Turnlock Zip Top | 4. The Small Banner | 5. Alma BB | 6. The Spy Bag | 7. Kira Quilted Clutch | 8. Marion Quilted Backpack

Looking at the list, you would agree with Mr E that, yes, they all kind of look the same. Small, crossbody bags, or a backpack. You would think that also, having 2 babies, I would need a suitcase to replace the nappy bag I have at the moment. Well, yes, you are correct, the backpacks I’ve picked will indeed replace the nappy bag. However, I will still need another cute bag to carry for my stuff. So really, I technically NEED two new bags 😛

Here you go, Mr E, I’ve made your Christmas shopping so much easier for you heh heh heh

* Lies. I bought a cute little one in Japan. But it doesn’t count as it was a silly fun one (ie. not build to last). Not a proper bag. Oh, another lie. I did buy one the day my Mat Leave started in June this year. But again, another silly fun. Not a proper one. >_< #awesomeatjustifying

Lemmings: Longchamp Le Pliage Cage aux Oiseaux

It has been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, mainly because there haven’t been many things that I have been wanting. Then I made the mistake of “let’s just check what Longchamp’s special edition bags are this season” instead of checking when I should start doing uni work this week. Behold!

Le Pliage Cage aux Oiseaux


The spiel on the website, describing the design:

Le Pliage Cage aux Oiseaux conveys joyful messages like “be happy”. On the front of the bag, birds escape from an open cage, while a heart appears on the back. This unique Le Pliage collection is an expression of freedom and love.

Emerghed!!! Hey, Mr E, my birthday is coming up! And I have been soooo awesome lately 😉

Fruit peels, snail goo and charcoal mask

Here’s another reason why I love Japan.

If you remember my post on skincare (read here if you missed it), I get “holiday” skin. Pimples, oily and dry patches and extremely enlarged pores. But not in Japan, and I’ve been there in autumn, winter and summer.

I eat just as badly, though my idea of “going all out” in Japan meant eating an ocean of fresh sea urchin and roe. Fresh vegetables are hard to come by, unless you want them as tempura (deep fried). Fresh fruit is exorbitantly expensive. With the number of vending machines and convenient shops selling hundreds of different drinks, water is the last thing I buy (and why would you, if you can have this drink instead).

I put down my lack of “holiday” skin to two things:

1. Onsens: perhaps the minerals in the water and the heat bring out the badness and detoxify your body? Maybe?

2. The extremely accessible and large number of skincare available. I got three “wins” this trip:


The pink bottle is Detclear fruit peel, it comes out like gel and you massage it on your dirty skin. After a while, balls of supposedly dead skin and gunk will start to form and you just have to wash it off. The result is clean soft skin, it’s awesome! Quick, effective and fun way of washing my face.

The black tube is a charcoal mask that comes out like black super glue. You put it on clean skin and wait until it dries. When you can’t move your face, it’s time to peel peel peel. I love this part of the process, it’s so satisfying. If I read the pictures correctly, it is supposed to lift up the gunk in your pores. Or something. Whatever it is, I like this mask, clean and soft skin afterwards!

When I first put this mask on, my inlaws did double takes and said a couple WTF comments lol with no previous exposure to “girly things” like these, seeing it would be pretty weird 😉


A snail goo mask, I am excited to try this one. I’ve tried their “pearl” mask before and it was awesome. This brand is Korean but is everywhere in Japan. I wanted to buy the “snake venom” one too, but Mr E vetoed it lol

Have I told you that I love Japan? 😉

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of “beauty”?