This is my story to tell :)

Hi everybody,

How is it that it’s mid-year now? This year has gone so fast, and have treated me well so far 🙂 How are you guys doing?

If you haven’t noticed, I have taken a different path to this special online space of mine.

When I first started in September 2014, I had the idea of turning this into almost like a forum. A place for me to tell my stories, for me to share my thoughts and, hopefully in return have you guys assure me that I am not alone 😉

I  have achieved this.

Through this blog, I have formed a larger supportive group, I have drew from their experiences and wisdom and practically sail through motherhood the second time around. I have an established tribe who loves me and supports me.

I have been given plenty of opportunity that I would never have thought I could. I got an insight on how those famous bloggers do work, and how deceivingly easy it looked (it’s frikkin hard!). I reviewed restaurants, I reviewed products, I practiced and honed on my writing (grammar!) skills, a beneficial thing for my career.

This blog saw me grew from a new clueless mother to a more-experienced-at-prioritising mother of two. I had periods of staying at home being a mum, not having a social life, not much travelling, drowning in my own thoughts, to now, getting that social life back, going back to studying, doing things that I want to do, getting on more trips and most importantly, feel myself grow as a person.

My problems, once seemingly so big, became smaller and took less of my time. Amongst all the bits of myself that I despise, I discovered the good bits that everybody else saw first. I found the strength to set boundaries, to believe in the positive and to pick only the good people to surround myself with. These people help me grow, to improve myself as a person and heal myself. I learnt why I am the way I am, with very little emotions, and make sure that my children don’t end up the same.


Img from Pinterest


I have shared my story, the very one that shaped me to the person I am now. I wrote a post and shared it with my closest and dearest. Though most have responded positively, I did receive doubts over the credibility of it. I cared then, but I do not now. It is my story to tell, I know that it happened as how I told it. I know that it sounds weird,  but I am glad it happened. I would not be me now without it.

I am a stronger, much better person now.

So, I will not be posting publicly here as often. Onwards, I will think through my posts better, and practice to write a more cohesive, more professional posts. I will be even more strict with what I choose to review. This will still be my creative space, a way to put my thoughts into word and analyse the problem better, basically, a distraction to the ho-hum of my life 🙂 I need something that is different from my work, my life, but still something I love.

Between these posts, if you’re still interested in following my everyday life, I have created an Instagram account (click here to follow me). I am still not set on my username so make sure you follow me, this way you won’t “lose” me when I change names 🙂

I have been posting my food journey there, and hope to post more and more of them in the near future. I have plans for more travels, to continue to introduce my children to the world. I am so excited for the next phase of my life! I can’t wait!

I know that this feels like a break-up letter, a goodbye. In a way, it is.

I am saying goodbye to that chapter of my life. I am glad it happens, I got to experience the blogging world, both in a personal sense and “business” sense.

Thank you everybody for your support and kind words since I started this blog 2.5 years ago. Thank you for bearing with me as I write about the same old problem over and over again. You have help shape me to the person I am today ❤

Thank you.

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