Nappy bag recommendation: Fjällräven Kanken Backpack

Now that I’ve used the bag for more than a month now, on a daily basis, I am happy to recommend

the Kanken backpack as a nappy bag option.

Venturing outside the house with 2 children, a pram, all their things, snacks, drink bottles, plus my stuff, I had a difficult time finding a bag to suit my needs. Personally, nappy bags had to fulfil all the following:

  1. It had to be light, as I will fill it to the brim and turn it into a brick.
  2. It had to be easy to clean, as we will not be able to keep it clean.
  3. It had to allow easy access to everything using only one hand.
  4. It had to be affordable (Prada Nylon Backpack is my ultimate but $$$!).
  5. It had to look fun/cute and definitely not mum-like.

In come the Fjällräven Kanken backpack. A Swedish brand that specialises in outdoor equipments.


It ticked all my boxes plus more. I bought the mini one (same size as the Kid size, but with adjustable straps) as I am now all about bringing the least amount of things possible. However, for first-time mums and those who likes to bring their entire house with them, the Classic size would be perfect.


The main section opens right out with 2 zip pulls, it has a large inner pocket, which you can use to organise your children’s things. The bag also comes with 2 side pockets, perfect for a phone in one and a water bottle in the other. It has a front pocket, which I use for my things (wallet and keys). The straps are comfortable and it is light! It has a top handle, so you can easily grab it or hang it on a hook on your pram. If you don’t have a hook, you can strap it on your pram too 🙂


Another plus is that it is made out of showerproof Vinylon-F fabric, which means water slides right off and stain resistant! Ermerghed! When you find that the bag is starting to stain easily, you can buy some wax (like this one) to recoat it. It’s so good!

Can you tell that I love it? 😀

I bought the graphite colour, as I needed a gray-tone bag to suit all outfits. I also wanted one that Mr E can carry around. Now that I know how awesome it is, I really want to get the blush pink colour ❤ And the warm yellow too, but I shall not go too crazy 😛


Blush Pink Kanken Classic


I love all the details on the bag. The zip pulls are not your usual YKK zips that most bags have. The studs have the arctic fox (Fjällräven) images on them too – so cute! I bought my bag online (from here), as I could not find any retailers in Canberra. Luckily for me, I got it on a sale too! I am now stalking the site until their next sale at nab that pink one 😛

All images are from here.

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