What he eats: lunch boxes

Hi everybody,

I thought that I would cross post the lunch boxes I have been packing the little man recently. We are mid-term 3 now and I am still having so much fun doing it 🙂lunches

I do wonder sometimes if it makes him as happy as it makes me, considering he would come home every now and then saying that he wanted a sandwich like his friends. Ha! I have nothing against sandwiches, however, we don’t often have bread at home, and ham is somewhat a treat for us. So it is actually easier for me to pack him whatever leftovers we have, or one of my late night baking goods in the freezer.

It does mean that when we do have bread and I do pack him a sandwich, it is super duper special for him 🙂

Anyway, I hope this gives some of you an idea on what to pack for your children’s lunches or even yourself. I pack Mr E’s lunch boxes too sometimes and he would get exactly the same thing 🙂

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Hope you are all healthy and happy. Until next time 🙂

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