What he eats

Little E has been at school for almost a whole term now and he is loving it! 🙂 I have also been enjoying packing his lunch bag every week, all those years I have been practising on Mr E has finally paid off.

Little E has a very good appetite, he loves his fruit and vegetables, so I am very lucky that he has been eating everything I pack him. It took me such a long time to find a box that is water tight but not too tight that he couldn’t open. I find this Décor one the best, it came with 4 containers and is pretty water tight. Best of all, I think it was less than $10! I have yet to find one again at the shops, when I do, I sure will buy a couple more 🙂 My friend also brought me some bento accessories from Japan and I have been enjoying using them (I have been using the Mickey Mouse picks a lot!). I cannot say that they impress Little E all that much, but it makes me happy using them 🙂


Here was what he had on his first day this week. As I mentioned, he had been so well behaved at the big school and settled in really well that I thought I would give him a treat: jelly! Little E loves his jelly and though it pains me that they don’t have any nutritional value, they are his favourite, so he has them every now and then.

Another of his favourite is muesli bar. Since most of the store bought ones contain nuts, and the school is a nut-free school, I have been making them. They aren’t too hard to make and the ingredients are quite easy to put together, so I don’t mind. Besides, they’re cheaper too 😉 #doublewin I have a recipe for muesli bars (here) however it contains nuts, so please let me know if you want my nut-free recipe 🙂


This is what he is having today. The same as yesterday for fruit break and afternoon tea but lunch is another piece of muesli bar, grapes and last night’s leftover: curried sausages and tofu with spätzle. He loves spätzle and would eat them in a flash, so he is very excited about today’s lunch 🙂

Hope you enjoy this post and find it useful. I love preparing packed lunches for my little man, so does Mr E actually as he gets the same 🙂

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