A Baby on a Budget: DIY Ball Pit

I am not really into toys or have much interest in them. Sometimes I feel like maybe I am even depriving Little E of them. So, I am surprised at myself when I agree to spend the money on this.

DIY Ball Pit

Admittedly, it is awesome. Not only does the pool comes with the castle, the catapult, and a water cannon you can plug into a hose, it also comes with two shields and matching swords! Also, one of my childhood memories is having so much fun playing in a ball pit. I can’t really remember where I went exactly and how often, but seeing ball pits makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. So it has always been my dream to have one for my children.

My reasoning for spending so much money on it is that, in summer, it will also be used as a paddling pool to keep my little one cool. So really, I am getting two activities out of one purchase! Spending justified!

Unfortunately, Little E isn’t so keen on his new toy area, maybe our overzealous enthusiasm is scaring him haha But we are having his little buddies over this week, hopefully he likes it better when he has company 🙂

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