A Baby on a Budget: a “Bassinet”

We live in a two-story house, so before Little E came along, we were searching for some sort of bedding that he can sleep on while downstairs. We didn’t want to fork the money on a bassinet as we didn’t really like the idea of spending money on something that will only be used for 6 months or so, we’re just THAT cheap. Also, bedding is something that we personally prefer to buy new, so getting it second-hand wasn’t an option for us.

When I saw dog beds on special at a nearby pet shop, I almost got one. It was perfect! I could buy the large ones so it’s spacious (not that he needs it), and it was nicely padded, almost like a mattress. It was also cheap, so I could throw it out and get a new one if it becomes too dirty to clean. The ones I saw even had nice hounds-tooth patterns, which I love! Unfortunately, Mr E vetoed that idea. Apparently it is not socially acceptable, or something.

Kmart Fold-out Sofa (img src)

So I was super happy when an awesome fellow mum (Hi, Ness!) suggested we buy one of those fold out mini couches. As Little E will be swaddled, he won’t be able to roll off it. It is easily moved and packed away when not in use. For the next few months we made sure that his head was between the arms of the sofa, so he felt secure, like he would have in a bassinet. It worked like a charm and only $19 (AUD) new from Kmart! Genius!

What’s even more awesome, once he grew out of it (ie. He could roll off), I washed it clean, sunned it and is now waiting for him in the cupboard for when he’s big enough to sit on it! We really are getting the most of it – double genius! 🙂

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