Tupperware Lovin’

I love Tupperware.

Every time I browse through the catalogue, I want to redo our pantry and make roasts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to do that with the price, so I buy in bits. Or buy them from Vinnies/Salvos. Actually, most of the ones we have are from there. It’s great, as they’re usually pretty old so in the last stages of their life. When they finally break, I ask for replacements (making use of their awesome Lifetime Guarantee) and presto! NEW Tupperware for a fraction of the price! Wooooo #cheap

Did I just let you guys on it? Please don’t buy all the Tupperware at the op-shops. Leave some for me.

Anyway, imagine my excitements when I was given the amazing chance to review Tupperware’s new baby range, Grow with Me. Free Tupperware to keep just for me to play with? Don’t mind if I dooooo!

The ones I will definitely buy myself


Little E is obsessed with water, so I take a bottle whenever I go. I have been using this non stop since I got it. He’s been so rough with it, he would drop it from his highchair, throw it around, bite at it, and still no leak. It’s in a great size, small enough not to be bulky but big enough for me to drink as well. It comes with its own brush for cleaning and you can buy replacement straws. It’s awesome, I wish they come in a range of colours though! I also wish I knew how to take off the yellow lid to clean easily?


I love the larger green container (with the blue lid) and have used it heaps for when we’re out during one of Little E’s mealtimes (like here and here) It’s a perfect size width-wise and not too thick, so you can fit a lot in without taking too much space in your bag. The lid is tight and I haven’t had a leak so far. I also like the smaller blue container as I needed a container for when I’m packing a hot meal like congee or soup (instead of bits of finger food). Again, the lid seals very well and it’s a perfect size for a meal. I have yet to use the cutleries for feeding, though Little E loves to play with the spoon as a teething toy. They’re ergonomically designed, and they come with their own container. So when you’re out and about, you don’t have to wash them or have them dirty everything else in your bag. They’re sturdy too, definitely made to last!

The ones I most probably will not buy myself


The lid of the snack cup is amazingly tight! I guess that’s a good thing for leak-proof purposes,  but I almost always have a problem opening it. But that’s not why I wouldn’t buy it. Mostly because I already have small containers and for what I need them for, I won’t pay the price for it. I also have been given a million sippy cups already so I don’t need any more. Moreover, once Little E can drink out of a cup by himself, I would probably prefer to give him a plastic/melamine cup instead. For travel, I think the Straw Tumbler (above) is still the best.

The one I wish they also sent me

Tupperware SHAPE-O

I love this thing! My mum in-law said that she still has the one that Mr E had when he was a baby! The one that his other brothers also played with! It’s amazing how Tupperware products last. I want to get one for Little E, as I think it is educational AND fun. I am still waiting for my local op-shop to have these for sale (good luck me!), and you now know how I feel about toys too, but if I don’t find one before his first birthday, I will buy one as a present 🙂

I really hope this review is helpful for any of you thinking of getting these products. You can contact Tupperware directly if you don’t have your own consultant and they’ll put you in contact with one.

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