I hope you all had a very good Christmas. I did. It was such a wonderful relaxed occasion, filled with laughter, presents and lots and lots of food.


Little E was super duper spoilt, getting all sorts of goodies from everyone. He also had loads of cuddles and playtime with members of our extended family. I am always worried that I fail at ensuring he has a full family of his own. However, after this Christmas, I realised that I haven’t. He is loved by many and those family members that he has, make up for more than the ones he doesn’t have.


My mum inlaw made sure that I had lots of “breaks” and took care of Little E for most of the day. I am so very thankful. I was able to eat and enjoy my meals at a leisurely pace as well as being able to chat with the rest of the family. My inlaws must also be reading my posts carefully as I received a year subscription to Gourmet Travellers magazines. Wooooee! πŸ˜‰


On Christmas eve, we started the day by going to the beach. Little E was still unsure of the sand, however, he was very pleased being held while splashing in the waves. We then went back home for some pancakes for a late breakfast. At dusk, we went to a local park to listen to some carols. It was so much fun!


I hope the Christmas excitements lasts and lasts for a very long time for you too! πŸ™‚

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