To give my mum inlaw a break from cooking, us “kids” (the 5 of us) took over the kitchen last night. And took over, we did! I reckon there weren’t any utensils, pots, pans, and every inch of the bench unused. As we’re all great lovers of Japan, we chose to do a Japanese food cook-off 🙂


It was so much fun! Even though it was supposed to be judged and have a winner at the end, we helped each other and had a blast!


For entrée, we had pork gyoza, cold soba, chicken karaage and tamagoyaki. For mains, we had Hayashi rice and Tonkatsu 🙂


Mr E also brought his sake set from our last trip there in 2011. So we did a little sake testing for dessert to go with my slightly squished dango 😛

We started cooking at around 4pm and our dinner didn’t finish until past after 10pm! The kitchen was definitely where the heart of this house last night 🙂 Next time, we’re going to add in a secret ingredient to make it even more fun! 😉

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