Child-friendly restaurants in Canberra: Kusina

02 6288 8461
Weston Creek Shopping Centre
Kusina on Urbanspoon

I’ve been to Kusina several times this year, mainly with my mummy friends. The place is always immaculately clean, the service friendly and the food is delicious. A number of times I went for morning tea, and as far as decaf coffee go, Kusina does it pretty well. I love their selection of sweets, especially the pandan cake and the red velvet brownie. They’re always so accommodating with us moving furniture around to make room for our prams 🙂


I’ve also tried a few of their meals, with my favourite being the pork belly – crunchy, salty, fatty goodness 🙂 Served with rice and two choices of sauce, it’s hard to stop even when full (their serving size is amazing!). Their curry and the marinated beef are yummy as well. A word of warning though, if you dislike pork belly, don’t order any of their pork dishes as they use the same cut for all of them.

I went there during my elimination diet and they were very accommodating. They told me which dishes would be okay for me and didn’t seem to mind me asking the same questions repeatedly. I’ve yet to go for dinner as we really are on the stricter side of keeping Little E’s night routine. I would imagine they’ll be just as good as during the day.

If you’re looking for a restaurant to go to that is child-friendly with good food and friendly service, I’d vouch for Kusina 🙂


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