Our weekend – the highlights


Saturday – day 38 of 100: Spending the day with his godfather and auntie, a drive to Goulburn to see the little man’s favourite author, Dame Lynley Dodd, and getting his much loved books signed; then churros and hot chocolate for dinner.


The Lynley Dodd exhibition at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery – these are my favs! With a Schnitzel Von Krumm wall decal!!! I wish they sell these decals.


Sunday – day 39 of 100: having a great boys-only car racing playtime; bonding with his godfather; then frolicking in the sun at the park by the lake.


Today – day 40 of 100: donuts with DIY filling injection. Little E sucked the syringe clean of mixed berry jam!


His support group members – thank you for visiting and spending the weekend with us. The long weekend was definitely not long enough but loads of fun was had by all ♡

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