Lux Soap Flakes

As I have mentioned repeatedly in my posts, the main cause of flare up to Little E’s eczema is detergent. Even though I have used a supposedly organic, gentlest of the gentlests, pediatric dermatologists approved, sensitive, baby-safe, blah blah blah detergent. So, when my mum inlaw first suggested I try Lux Soap Flakes, I was very reluctant to do it.

For one, it only comes in a giant box and it is expensive. Two, I really do not want to muck around with it and am happy to just use hot water, as advised by his pediatric dermatologist.

The thing is, hot water doesn’t clean clothes properly. It doesn’t remove oily residue from food or his moisturiser, and we use a lot of the QV cream. Hot water also doesn’t remove smells, either from food or any bodily fluid/waste. Even when I always make sure his clothes get lots of exposure to the sun, his clothes were muddy coloured and smell pretty bad. To combat this, very very occasionally, I would use grated Pears soap, however, it isn’t the nicest smelling soap either.

I then found a site that suggested using bicarbonate soda, which is natural and so, it shouldn’t flare up his eczema. I tested on a couple of his clothes, which he is fine with. Bicarb soda, along with hot water, worked well in getting rid of discolouration. However, it made all his clothes stiff and gave them a funky smell.

So my hunt continued.

When I complained to a friend about him being smelly, she said that she uses eucalyptus oil (or tea tree oil) for her dog’s towels. These oils are antibacterial as well as being able to remove odour. On my way home, I stopped by the supermarket and bought a bottle of eucalyptus oil (only because it is a fraction of the cost of tea tree oil). Again, I tried it on a few of his clothes and he seems okay with it. No flare up!


For a couple of months, I used bicarb soda, eucalyptus oil and hot water in his load of washing. I don’t use it all the time, mostly if I know the load has lots of really dirty clothes. His clothes were cleaner and smell nicer, however, I am still not 100% happy with it. I really want to use less hot water (our electricity bill tripled!!!), I don’t like how his clothes are still stiff and though the oil remove funky smells, I do end up having eucalyptus oil smelling baby (though only subtly) 😦


Luckily, as fate/luck would have it, I was sent a box of Lux Soap Flakes by Pental to try. My first impression of it was that it looks like snow in a box! The second was the smell, aaaaahhhh… a clean baby smell, something that I have yet to experience 🙂 I was so excited!


I only use 1 tablespoon of the flakes, thoroughly stirred in hot water. It is enough to properly wash a load of his clothes and give them a totally clean smell! As an added bonus, he doesn’t react to it! Yaaaay! I wish I had listened to my mum inlaw 😉

You have to make sure that the flakes are completely dissolved in the hot water, as well as, making sure that you do a clean up of your washing machine after a few washes. As they’re pure soap flakes, I would imagine they’ll leave a build up in the machine (just like fabric softeners would). This is something I can live with, I just have to do our load in between doing Little E’s.

If you are in the same boat as we were, and have access to Lux Soap Flakes, please do give it a try. Yes, a box of it is expensive, but you only use a small amount at a time. Yesterday, I was given some more of the flakes by one of my mummy friends, so I reckon we’re set for the remainder of the year! 😉

Little E now has clean, nice smelling clothes without aggravating his skin! Yay! Such simple pleasure that used to seem so unattainable 🙂