Food food food

For the entire time we’ve been in Canberra, I always lament how there’s a lack of good Indo food here. Good as in proper authentic Javanese food. Unlike Sydney, there’s only a couple Indo food joints here but none has yet come to my liking. Unfortunate really, most especially when I was pregnant, because wouldn’t you know it, Indo food was what I was craving.

Actually, there is one, but it gave Mr E his very first gastro. So he banned me from going back, which is unfair, because I didn’t get sick. Anyway, I never did go back.*

Last week, Mr E told me that there’s an Indo food market in Canberra every Friday. What what? I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it. It was almost like I have hit the jackpot. Then I got angry. Why have I only heard about it now???

Anyway, we got ourselves just presentable today and made our way there. I had to restrain myself from buying everything there, quickly paid for our goodies and get home to eat them.

It was AWESOME! Hallelujah! And cheap! Huzzah! And Little E ate almost the entire nasi gudeg! Hooorah! So here’s my photo for day 37: Authentic Indo lunch packs with potent chili paste (which I may or may not accidentally gave Little E some. Hmm.)


Nasi kuning campur, nasi gudeg and ketoprak at $6 each!

If you’re in Canberra and are looking for good authentic cheap (!) Indo food, please go to the Canberra Mosque Fridays from noon to 2pm. You sure will see me there 😉


The mosque has a pretty good playground too!

A word of warning though, they’re served in an authentic way (ie. Not heated, at room temperature), including the chicken dishes. I didn’t warm it up for Little E, but you may want to if you’re scared of barely-luke-warm dishes like Mr E 😉

Yaaaay! 🙂

*Mr E, if you are reading this, this is proof that I do listen to you. Sometimes.