Child friendly restaurant: Briscola La Pizzeria

Briscola La Pizzeria
Ph: 02 6248 5444
60 Alinga St
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I have to thank my friend for this find, as it is somewhere that I most probably wouldn’t ever go. Briscola La Pizzeria is located away from the other restaurants in Civic, and I haven’t seen or heard anything about it before. Having a recent name change (it was apparently called La Posada), I would thought they would readvertise etc.

Anyway, I was a little nervous when I first entered the place as it looks fancy, too fancy to bring a toddler who was an hour behind his normal schedule, and therefore, super hungry and tired. We nervously asked for a high chair and ordered a pizza from the kids’ menu – thinking that if Little E got too fussy, we’ll just have to leave.

Briscola has a nice selection of kids’ menu, and for what we got, it was reasonably priced too. I always feel that kids’ menu is overpriced, as most offer fish and chips or chicken nuggets, for $10+! Not only unhealthy (as they’re usually frozen fish/chicken/chips), but also expensive? No, thanks.

I digress.

We ordered the hawaiian pizza, that also comes with a scoop of gelato! A very special treat for the little man, indeed 🙂 I think he knew it was a treat too, as he ate his dinner with great gusto!

I originally ordered a small of their special pizza, however, we were told that it is quite a small size and would be like a light meal. So I changed my mind and ordered a medium Margarita instead. Mr E ordered the prosciutto pizza in medium as well. They didn’t take too long to arrive to the table and we found out why the small pizza would be a light meal. The base of the pizza is nice and thin, the topping light.

I eat with my eyes, and my famished eyes said that we’re paying a lot for not much at all. However, we both loved our meals. Though light, the topping was actually enough for every bite. Being such a basic pizza, the Margarita didn’t allow much room to hide bad base, sauce or cheese. I absolutely enjoyed my pizza, even more when I got their yummy chilli oil to drizzle over it 😉

We are blessed with a relatively easy baby to take out. It might be due to the fact that we rarely go out at night, so the novelty is truly enjoyable for Little E. He was happy to eat his meal then walk around, entertaining himself and charming a couple of ladies lol Mr E and I were able to eat our dinner and enjoy the company of our friends.

When it came to dessert, Little E, Mr E and I thoroughly loved the zabaglione gelato. It has to be one of the tastiest gelato I’ve had, it was almost like frozen eggy custard – truly yum!

The waitresses were very friendly, helpful and prompt with our requests. When I asked for a piece of paper for Little E to draw on while we waited for his pizza, the waiter came straight back with them. When I told them that we were ready for the gelato, it arrived to the table within minutes.

I had a fabulous time at dinner tonight. So much so that I didn’t even think about taking photos 🙂 I would say that Briscola La Pizzeria is a fancy family pizza restaurant. You pay the money for good pizza, in a fancy setting. So if you’re looking at a restaurant that is child friendly, but still fancy enough for special occasions, please do look at Briscola La Pizzeria 🙂

Child-friendly restaurants: Poachers Pantry

Poachers Pantry
Ph: 02 6230 2487
431 Nanima Rd
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Ever since Little E came along, we have hardly been to a “fancy” restaurant. Mainly because his dinner and bedtime routine starts at 5pm. Also, most of the fancier restaurants tend to be so serious and clean and oh-so-quiet. So I was a little bit nervous going to Poachers Pantry, as it seemed so fancy and uber popular. I saw it as a good introduction back into the fine-dining experience for us though, so I booked lunch there when the inlaws were in town. As mentioned in this post, we thoroughly enjoyed the food there.

2013-11-03 14.43.22_resized

Here’s why Poachers Pantry is a child-friendly restaurant.

When we arrived at the place, the highchair was already placed at the head of the table, away from the other diners. Even then, we weren’t cramped in any way and had enough space to be comfortable. The waitresses were friendly and understanding when Little E started to get silly as he was bored waiting for us to finish our leisurely 3-course lunch. When he dropped Mr E’s fork, a new clean one magically appeared on the table.

2013-11-03 14.40.44_resized

The food came beautifully presented (as per pictures above), yet it didn’t take very long at all to come. They didn’t taste overly salted either, so I didn’t hesitate giving Little E a taste of everything. Though the dishes are aimed for adults, I was able to cut bits of food to give him as finger-food. There were also a 2 people-band playing, providing nice happy music on the background.

There is a grass area outside, where some children were running around having a giggle. On a nice sunny and warm day, I would imagine it would be the perfect place for a leisurely lunch. When Little E was fussing, my mum inlaw took him outside for a bit of a play, and she told me that he had fun crawling around on the grass 🙂

2013-11-03 14.39.50_resized

I will definitely go back to Poachers Pantry, this time, I will make sure Mr E put down the right address on the GPS! 😉 It is a great alternative to same ol same ol Canberran restaurants, especially if you have visitors coming into town.