Bali with Kids: Accommodation

There are numerous blog posts for recommendation on places to stay. You are almost too spoilt for choice in Bali. There are many types at all levels that you would almost guaranteed to find one that you like. However, during our search for “Bali’s best places to stay with young children”, we didn’t see the Pullman Hotel come up, so I thought I would start this blog series from here.

Why we chose the Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana Hotel:

  1. We went when Little E was just 3, so he doesn’t really qualify for many of the children’s club that the usual hotels offer (Bali Dynasty, Padma, etc), therefore we automatically excluded them as they were on the pricier side.
  2. We also thought that he was a little too young to fully appreciate the water playground at the pool, so again, a giant pool playground wasn’t on top of our list.
  3. Since it was Mr E’s first trip, we wanted to be in the hustle and bustle of Bali but not in the nightclub area (ie. Kuta), so we thought Seminyak or Legian were a good compromise.
  4. We were able to get a great deal for a one-bedroom: the Premium One Bedroom Suite with a Garden view

Img src: Hotel stock photo

We were very happy with our choice. As it wasn’t the preferred hotel for family with young children, the children’s pool was almost always empty, so we had the place to ourselves. Having a bedroom to ourselves meant that when the children went to sleep at about 7ish, we were able to still do things 🙂

The room was very spacious, in top notch condition, the AC cold (we had to turn in down a couple of time as it got too cold!), clean and the beds comfortable. The actual hotel staff were all friendly and accommodating, however, you would find that the concierge and the numerous “drivers” that hang around the area very pushy. Best avoid them and stick to Blue Bird taxis. We also got bottled water restocked daily so we didn’t actually have to buy any while in Bali. Oh, and you get free wifi 🙂

A giant tick from me was that the hotel offer free exercise classes daily. While I was there, I did yoga classes early in the morning, by the eternity pool. It was so serene, a definite highlight for me.


Img Src: Hotel stock photo

The location? Well, you have Kuta beach across the road with its many food vendors, masseuses and ridiculously expensive deck chairs to hire. The Legian market is just around the corner for you to try your luck at bargaining. For you who are not into bargaining, there are shops, though not as many as in Seminyak. Legian also has heaps of massage places there, offering an hour of good massage for only $10! There are convenient shops and pharmacies for your anti Bali-Belly medicines and stupidly marked up sunscreens (please stock up before you leave). Also in Legian, you can find cheap laundry where for 10c, you will have your piece of clothing washed and pressed. Don’t go to the hotel laundry!

Though it is right in the middle of Legian, it was not noisy. We were not hassled by people and we definitely felt safe when walking around at night.

All sounding great, right? Not quite unfortunately. The hotel is located in the corner of Jalan Melasti and Jalan Kuta Pantai. Those two roads are one-way only, so if you are coming from Seminyak or anywhere north, you have to go allllllll the way to Kuta to go back allllll the way to Legian, in highly congested traffic. Yes taxi is cheap, but that is unnecessary cost to bear. Half way through our stay, we were told that we could be dropped off at Garlic Lane (a famous shopping lane in Legian) and walk the 5 minutes over to the hotel. All good, if it was not raining 🙂

More bad bits about the hotel?

Restaurant wise, I was not happy with. However, please keep in mind that I look for authentic, non-westernised food, which are quite hard to expect in an area catering for the western tourists. So please take this with a grain of salt. Mr E thought the food that we did have there were delicious and he didn’t get the Bali Belly, so I think that is a tick 🙂 On our first morning there, we tried the breakfast buffet at the hotel and I have to say that it was pretty good. You get a nice selection to get you ready for the day, and children eat free! Our kids ate so much fruit that morning, they were in heaven!

The big question is, would I stay at the Pullman hotel again on our next trip? Honestly, I probably won’t. Little E will be five by the time we go again, so he will qualify for the children’s club. He will also like the water playground at the pool. However, I do recommend the place if you aren’t fussed on either of those things. The location is a little annoying, however, as I mentioned above, you can be dropped off at a nearby road, so it is doable.

PS. I am almost embarrassed to admit that it is almost a year since we went to Bali and here I am only just starting to blog about it. Oops.

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