Review: Mamia (Aldi baby food pouches)

Miss V was recently fortunate enough to be given some Mamia food pouches to try out. It was such great timing as I was able to pack them for our trip to Bali (I promise, that post is coming!). They were for the plane trip and “just in case”, as it was our first time travelling outside the country with her. The little lady is pretty easy to feed, she likes her food, most especially fruit. I know that she won’t have a problem over there, but I wasn’t sure how she would go at the airport and on the plane.


Little E was never keen on baby food pouch/jar/tin, there was time when he was teething and wouldn’t eat, I tried to give him some lamb casserole and he vomited all over me as a protest. For this reason, I never thought of trying them on Miss V either. Until the trip.

I was a little apprehensive about the savoury ones as the one Little E had smelt pretty bad and I didn’t like the taste. It turned out, I ended up using up all my stock. Most of the time, we ate “adult food” and so was pretty hard for her to eat. Pork satays, fried noodles, spicy food etc. She did try everything, but with the weather being so hot and everything being so new, she did lose some appetite. I was a little concern that she would be hungry when I couldn’t find something that she could have at the restaurants, so I gave her some of the packed food.

Mamia has three different ranges: Baby Food Dinners, Baby Food Desserts and Organic Baby Fruits.


The ingredients and nutrition information table – click for bigger picture 🙂


  • Baby Food Dinners

Like I mentioned above, I was a little apprehensive about this range. I had heard that most baby food smell like cat food and doesn’t taste very nice. This was confirmed that one time I tried to give some to Little E. I was pleasantly surprised that the pouches we had didn’t have that yucky smell. We had the apricot chicken and the vegetable and lamb polenta, and they taste like unseasoned, very very mild version of the dishes. The texture of both pouches were watery, with a slight grit to them. They looked like watery smoothies with coloured bits 😛 Miss V loved them both, interestingly, Little E didn’t like them at all when he had a taste. Perhaps it was a matter of preference 🙂

  • Baby Food Desserts

I am really not sure about this range. I cannot think of a time when I would need to give them to the kids. We were given the Vanilla custard and the strawberry rice pudding pouches. The children have fruit as “dessert”, on the occasion, when we’re out and about, we might buy some ice cream to share. Mr E suggested that perhaps they could be given as morning/afternoon tea, however, looking at the ingredients, I personally wouldn’t. Sugar came third on both pouches (after milk, which will have sugar in them already, and water), and I really do not want Miss V to start having unnecessary sugar so early.

So for the sake of this review, we all had a try (Mr E ended up eating both of them himself lol). Both pouches had the consistency of very soft pannacotta or that homemade custard texture (teeny tiny lumpy bits). They both smelt almost fake, with the rice pudding smelling almost like a strawberry lollypop. They were very sweet, so much more than the fruit pouches, even though they had the same amount of sugar content (around 10%).

Unsurprisingly, both kids also liked the dessert range. Little E asked for more than his spoonful, and I am sure he was given some more when I wasn’t looking 😛

  • Organic Baby Fruits.

I am super happy with these fruit pouches, I think they’re such a great idea. Both pouches contain pear and they get my kids’ bowels moving, so I’ll be happy to have them on hand in case I can’t get fresh pears at the shops. Moreover, with a change of diet when travelling, and with a chance of not being able to find fresh fruit at the first instance, I will definitely be packing these with me on our next trip.

The consistency and appearance of both pouches are like thick fruit smoothies, they smell exactly the same too. Miss V finished a pouch within a heartbeat and I had to wrestle the pouch off her when she grabbed it off me. She liked it that much! 🙂

I can see how mothers like the convenience of these food packages. They were pretty mess free and well.. convenient. Miss V ate a whole packet each time (and sometimes more), so I don’t think that it is small-budget friendly. I also think that she ended up eating more than she would have if given “proper” food as she didn’t need to chew. Instead, it was more like she was drinking smoothies. However, for convenience-sake, I can see the attraction. Like I said above, I will actually stock up on the fruit pouches for the nappy bag so that I have something on hand “just in case” 🙂

Thank you, Aldi, for the chance to review these pouches 🙂

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