The Goodness Box: review


We started our trial run of The Goodness Box recently. I have been wanting to try out subscription goody boxes for a looong time. I think they are such fun idea, almost like getting surprise packages in the mail 🙂 I have to be honest, I wanted to do the beauty related boxes at first, then the baby ones, but I could not justify the price. So when I found out about The Goodness Box, I was super happy, as it would have things for everyone in the family (so the boys don’t miss out ;)).

We got a few samples plus full size products in the box. It is perfect for people like us who want to dabble into the “healthy/natural/green” products but don’t know where to start. We also don’t want to try something and pay for a full product, just in case we don’t like them. When I go to the “health shops”, I am so inundated with choices, so like always, I end up with nothing. AND, these products are expensive (!), so we want to spend the money on something that we really like.

From the February box, there are a couple of things that I really like: the coconut water, the Tiger Nuts, the white teas and the coconut flour. I am not very keen on the Naked bars and the protein blend, but the boys absolutely loved them. I think we will repurchase the coconut flour to make another loaf of bread and chicken schnitzels, it is amazing! 🙂 The spice protein blend was probably the worst item in the box. I made it in a smoothie as per the instruction at the back and it was not to my liking. I think the turmeric powder overwhelmed the whole thing, however, Little E enjoyed it and asked for more lol


I have never heard of Tiger Nuts, and I have never seen them either, so it is something that we would never have tried. Believe me, they’re delicious! They’re not nuts but are actually a type of root vegetable. They’re chewy and taste like almonds but sweeter. I really like them 🙂

Little E is such a foodie and has a great appetite that I want to make sure he eats healthily as often as he can. These products, though expensive, are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Sure, I can make them myself, and I do (chocolate bliss balls are his favourite!), but when I don’t have the time, I am happy to spend the money on healthier ready-made snacks 🙂 I also like that these products are all Australian owned and made!

We also was able to try out their December box, which was lucky as I liked the products in it better. It came in such a timely manner as I was meant to cook a tofu salad but had forgotten to buy some tofu. Guess what was included in the box? A box of Bonsoy tofu! Ha.


I was super starving when the delivery man came so I opened the only cookie packet – a Kookas Natural raw cacao and macadamia. It was amazing! It took a lot of effort not eat all of it but thought that the boys would like to try it too. I gave a bit to my little lady and she also liked it. I didn’t hesitate giving her a sample as it has no additives, preservatives or artificial sugar, it was made from all natural ingredients! 🙂

I am also excited because this box came with a beauty product – yay! An organic chia seed oil for the face! Weird but interesting. Apparently chia seed has high omega 3 essential fatty acid for hydration and nourishment. We shall see 😉


Another interesting product that I probably would never have tried: birch tree water. I can’t say that I am keen to try it but Mr E is. I shall leave this one for him, methinks. One other thing that I like about the box is the dukkah as it is FODMAP friendly. Mr E has been missing out on dukkah since he started the diet, so this Table of Plenty lemon and herb dukkah will be used quicksmart 🙂

Each box came with recipe cards and description of all products included, as well as some vouchers for other (I assume) sponsored companies. I am so looking forward to next month’s box, I cannot wait to see what we’re getting! It’s like Christmas all over again lol I love this whole subscription box idea ♡

PS. There is actually a box available dedicated for kids’ lunch boxes (here), which we may look into for when Little E goes to preschool next year 🙂

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