Latest Favourites


My favourite kind of flat lay: our food haul at the Indonesian Fair 2015. This is why

you do not go buying food while hangry/hungrage, you’ll end up with pretty much everything (there were a couple more not pictured).


My new favourite shoes: $2 (!!!) from Big W. This is pretty much the only good thing about having freakishly tiny feet, I fit into girls shoes which are normally cheaper than adult shoes.


His favourite playground “with pretend phones” (as he described those red steps): how is it that I have a son who is old enough to not only memorise his favourite spots but also specifically describe and request to go to them. Time flies!


Her new favourite toy, the dangly monkey: how is it that my new baby is now half rolling already? Seriously, where has the time gone? My little lady, she is the sweetest girl I know! everything about her is just so sweet.

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