Updated Skincare Routine

Here’s my updated skincare routine now that I am in the “Mum of Two” (ie. even LESS me-time) category.


Body Shop facial brush: My Clarisonic died after 3 years of daily use. I am too cheap to buy another one, this Body Shop one is only AUD4.95 (I think?) and does the same job but requires manual work 😉

Skin Basics 100% Sorbolene Cream: I used this to wash the kids as it is moisturising but also does a good cleaning job for young skin. I do need the brush as it doesn’t clean my face well enough without it.

Swisse Rosehip Facial Moisturiser: I only use this if my face is really really dry. As I am using the Sorbolene cream to wash my face, it moisturises my skin as well. I am not too fussed on what moisturiser I use now, as long as it isn’t too expensive and is as “natural” as possible.

On special occassions, I still use my Garnier BB cream for extra coverage. One of my girlfriends reintroduced me to Asian sheetmasks, so I use that very occassionally (ie. the last time I did it was when she was here in August lol). I might do one tonight 🙂

Hope this helps if you are looking to simplify your skincare routine. I learnt over the years that simple is still best. Most cosmetic brands uses “stuff” as a filler to their products, and most have perfume as well. My skin is the clearest it has ever been and is now in the “normal” range (a liiiiiitle on the dry side). I would love to have facials regularly again, like I used to be able to do while at Uni, but you know… kids happened 😉

Ps. Yes. I am procrastinating. Also, my second attempt at artistic flatlay – I need to start using my real camera and gain a bit more of photography skills. Sorry.

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