Japan: Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

The same with Sendai, we spent most of our time in Nagoya doing more shopping. Most of us have been to Nagoya before so we’ve done the touristy things, with my brother inlaw living there for the last 4 months. We did go to the Nagoya castle though as it has new sections recently opened.



On one of the days, we had boys and girls day, with us girls spending the whole time shopping 😉 specifically, shopping at Uniqlo lol while the boys went to see some cars. So stereotypical really.


My favourite building in Nagoya


Random park where people sat eating their lunch

Nagoya was also the place where I got to meet a new side of my inlaws that I’ve yet to meet before. My bother inlaw has a friend who works at a very good restaurant, so he kindly organised a dinner there for us. The 6-course disgustation dinner came with a 2-hour unlimited drinks. Unlimited. To say that we made the most of the offer would be a severe understatement. The night didn’t finish until 2am for some of us, with recuperation time lasted a lot longer than expected. I have so many hilarious stories and photos that I’m sure will make me grin stupidly for a long time! It was so fun.


The bar where we ended the night

Mr E also had one of his rare shopping urges during our Nagoya trip, so I made sure I took advantage of it. In one shop, he got almost a whole new wardrobe. I am so happy! We both love Japanese fashion, preferring the uniquely shaped/patterned items. Another example how compatible we are 🙂 I am blessed with someone who accepts my weird dress sense.


That calligraphy brush holders on the top left corner were ¥120,000!

On one of the mornings we have in the city, we went to an antique market held on a temple grounds. I love antique markets, this one especially, since they have things that my grandma had at her home 🙂 I found a stack of mini photos that I was so tempted to buy to frame, but Mr E said that they’re of wartime entertainment. It didn’t seem right to buy them as some of my relatives suffered under the Japanese occupation of Indo. The smell at the antique market reminded me of my childhood; spending time with my grandma while she prayed at the temple, a mix of incense, rain and mosquito repellant 🙂 I enjoyed the market.


We found a vending machine selling what we thought were bottles of tea. On close inspections, we saw a fish in each of the bottles…. this would have trumped all the gross drinks we’ve had so far!

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