Japan: Sapporo, Hokkaido

I totally forgot to post about Sapporo, so here’s the highlights of the trip:


A nice walk through Odori Park, which had different types of roses on display. My favourite ones are the Honey Suckle roses from USA, they smelt so sweet and strong!


This is apparently one of a kind slide, made from marble (I think). There was a nice old man, who told us he goes on the slide every single day. We believe he is an employee of the city, responsible for showing people around the “artworks” as part of the Sapporo International Art Festival.


A really nicely decorated arcade full of shops and restaurants. We spent a great deal amount of time here, mostly in a 24-hour shop called Don Quixote. I love that shop, you can get anything there!


One of the best dinners of the trip. We chose it after going through a lot of restaurants as a compromise. With 5 people of different tastes and budgets, choosing a place to eat is one of many compromises we have to make. This restaurant was awesome! If you look carefully at the photo, there’s a man with a horse head. We’re still not sure what dish you have to order, but whatever it is, it’ll be served by a man with the horse head, plus a whole lot of singing and chanting. It was fun!

Mr E and his brothers shared 2 serves of Beef Hamburg that had strawberry fairy floss stirred through it. Different and delicious 🙂 On the way out of the restaurant, we peered through one of the windows at their fairy floss machine. Our waiter must’ve seen us because he offered us to make our own! And we did. Like I said, best dining experience yet.


A trip to Sapporo will not be complete without going to the Sapporo beer museum. To celebrate one of the most famous Japanese beer brands, the museum is free and provided a nice tribute to the brand’s history. After a BBQ lamb lunch, called Genghis Khan BBQ throughout Hokkaido, we then spent the next few hours shopping in the converted old Sapporo beer factories.


The next day, we went to a museum dedicated to the Ainu people, the Northern Japanese aboriginal people. I loved the museum and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It is an interactive museum where you are allowed to touch and have a go at the exhibits, such as grain pounding and games.

This is a pair of boots made of salmon skin.


This is apparently an example of girl’s underwear, made of bark fibre. It is amazing how humans can be so resourceful! Surprisingly, the fabric is not that rough. Amazing!


A teething toy: I have seen babies around chewing almost the same thing. It’s quite different from the western teething rings from chewy plastic that Little E had 🙂


A baby swing, I assume it is more like a bassinet? Ingeniously basic but functional.


This is apparently the kind of house they used to have. It reminds me of the traditional houses some parts of Indo still have now. The inside of these houses look the same as the non-Ainu houses I’ve seen. I am interested to know who influenced who?

I guess you can’t go to Hokkaido without going to Sapporo, so I recommend at least spend a day in the city if you’re in the island. Everything here seemed to be at a smaller scale of things in Honshu, so you’d be able to cramp in more things here 🙂

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