Japan: Biei and Furano, Hokkaido

After such a lavish buffet breakfast where I almost overdosed on fried salmon and pickled seaweed, we set off for Noboribetsu, making brief stops along the way.

The first stop was Biei, to see this tree. Apparently, the “Ken and Mary” tree is a special tree, making a cameo in a 1970s TV commercial for a Nissan Skyline. Would you believe that there were people lining up to take photos of this tree? Ha.



The view on the drive, so picturesque! ♡


Our second stop was Furano, where I had melons and more melons. I had a melon crepe and Mr E had a melon jam bread roll. We also shared the best melon smoothie! It was such a welcomed relief on the hot humid day.



Then, we came to the lavender farm, where everything was, yep, lavender and more lavender. I’m not a fan of lavenders, the smell nausea-inducing. This place, though, was okay, as long as I don’t spend much time in the many shops scattered around the place. The farm itself was beautifully maintained.


I sampled some of the lavender cheesecake and it was actually alright. It didn’t have a strong lavender taste at all 🙂


As our last stop, we went to the Anpanman shop, previously run by the creator! I was hoping to meet him and have him sign a book, but apparently he died last October 😦 I had a great time picking up a few things for my precious, but it made me miss him so much that I had to stop myself bursting into tears a few times.


I enjoyed the trip, though Japanese speed limits are sooo frustrating! 50km/hr on a highway??? Far out.

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