Japan: Otaru, Hokkaido

We did a day-trip to Otaru yesterday. A port-city that is a quick train ride away from Sapporo. It is famous for its port, canal, glassworks, fresh seafood and (like any other Hokkaido cities) dairy products.


We allocated almost a whole day, which was very generous. We walked around the place at a leisurely phase, looking at almost every shop, which started to look same-same after awhile 🙂 We think that Otaru is trying to sell itself as a Japanese version of Venice 😉 Also, not surprising given its location, there were a few Russians walking around the area.


This glassworks shop has a lot of miniature animals and things that are super duper cute! Most especially the tiny tiny baby turtle on the bottom photo, look how small it is! I wanted to spend all my life savings in that shop (like any other shop in Japan so far). Like always though, when given too many choices, I ended up with nothing. Sadface.


Instead of having a sit down lunch, we grazed all afternoon. I had a giant Hokkaido oyster and scallops, freshly grilled while I waited, as well as a slice of rock melon at around $5.50! The Japanese sure knows how to grow sweet and juicy melons. To balance it all off, I had the best creme brulee in my life!!! It was so so creamy, and milky, and delicious. Hokkaido cows have not disappoint me so far 😉


One of the weirdest flavours ice cream I have yet in my life: Japanese sea urchin (uni) and fermented soy beans (natto). They were surprisingly alright, though I wouldn’t go back for them again 🙂 When ordering this cone, I am reminded why Mr E and I are good together, our views of things in life are compatible ♡

By the time we set off for Sapporo, I was full up to my eyeballs. The Japanese souvenir shops provide generous samples, and I am a sucker for free samples! It is very hard not to try everything in the shop, though I have learnt which looked like something I wouldn’t like (red beans, matcha green tea, etc). I enjoyed our trip to Otaru, if you’re ever in Sapporo, I recommend you going there 🙂

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