Restaurant review: Up To You Chinese Hot Pot, Belconnen

Up To You Restaurant
114 Emu Bank

It is currently raining outside, I am cold and hungry. I can’t help but thinking back where I was last week for lunch.

After seeing the blog post by InTheTarratory, I pleaded with Mr E to go and check out Up To You. I don’t know why, but the words “buffet” or “all you can eat” are totally up my alley. I don’t eat as much as I did, but I will try!

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were all alone. We opted for their lunch special, which is $15pp for 3 choice of meat, 3 choices of seafood, a serve of noodles plus all you can eat vegies. With it, you also choose your soup base, we chose pork bone for Little E and I, plus laksa for Mr E (and I). Oh, and you get a can of softdrink too! It is such a great price.

Again, it could just be that we can no longer eat as much as we used to, but the $15 lunch was totally more than what we could eat. We were so stuffed full! The serving size was very generous, so I do not think that I will ever be able to get my money’s worth with the all you can eat option (FYI, it’s $25pp). If you’re a big eater, it would be perfect for you 🙂


The place itself isn’t exactly child-friendly, most especially because you have bubbling soup in front of you. However, since there were only about 3 other tables filled, plus Little E being so used to us taking him out to restaurants and sitting on a normal seat, we managed fine (ie. he ate by himself, he didn’t break anything, he didn’t get hurt). We did make a lot of mess though, luckily the owners were understanding.

It is located by the lake, on the same building as Sanur Balinese restaurant and Prince Palace (down the stairs and out to the right). I have not seen any advertisement or had heard anyone else talk about the restaurant, so I am guessing they’re still quite new? I hope they were able to stay in business and be open for me to satisfy my hot-pot cravings (which seems to be happening quite a lot lately). Not counting the sauces you have with it, and depending on the meat that you choose, hot pots are pretty healthy to have 🙂


I am always conflicted between trying new places I’ve never been or go back to restaurants I like. #firstworldproblem I am nervous for the restaurant owners when it comes summer, as I do not know how many people would go for hotpots in the heat. However, Up To You restaurant is the perfect food joint in the cold Canberra weather. It is also a good place to go to when you are with a group of friends as it also has a karaoke section 🙂

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