Child friendly restaurant: Lemongrass Thai, Tuggeranong

Lemongrass Thai
Ph: 02 6293 1455
Shop 9c Hyperdome Shopping Centre
Anketell Street
Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

My inlaws brought Little E and I out to lunch when they were here a couple weekends ago. We were starving at the time and opted for an easy choice of Thai, so we seated ourselves at Lemongrass Thai. The place was packed with office workers having their Friday lunch sessions so I was a little nervous about the waiting time. Even so, when I asked for a highchair, a clean one was quickly presented to me. We were given our menus, glasses and a bottle of water straight after. Efficient indeed.

We decided to go for the lunch specials as they sounded really good and at $12.50 each, how could we not? We each chose one to share, amazingly we had a chicken, a pork and a fish! Usually we have double up ๐Ÿ˜‰

When they arrive, and they arrived quite quickly, we were surprise at the serving size. In a bad way. They were so tiny! So tiny that Little E ate more than one serving! So tiny that we had to order another to share, and left not hungry. We saw the order of a table next to us, which weren’t from the special menu, and they were substantially larger. Next time, I’m going for their full size!

On a good note, they were rather delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ Little E loved the chicken and vegetables with peanut sauce the most! I liked the fish fillets and sweet chilli sauce best. I would not hesitate to go back for it.

They were patient with the mess Little E created, though we were seated outside. Every request we made, extra cutleries, sauce on the side, etc, were not difficult. I definitely recommend the place for families with children ๐Ÿ™‚

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