A revisit of: Grill’d

The Woden branch
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The good people behind Grill’d invited me back to try out their new menu items: sliders and sides. As an obliging person that I am, I rushed straight to the restaurant today, bringing along my two loves.


We ordered three of their sliders, a large sweet potato chips, hot chilli mayo and Asian slaw to share. As I have mentioned in my last review, I am not much of a massive fan of their herbed chips (too rosemary-ey) but these sweet potato chips? I absolutely love! Both my boys agreed, most of all, Little E. He had both hands and mouth busy during the entire meal.


I liked the Asian slaw, and surprisingly, so did Mr E. If I have to be picky, I would prefer that they mix through the dressing instead of drizzling it over. As it is now, you can’t mix it through without spilling and wasting precious cabbage, then when you get down the bottom, you ran out of dressing.

I was most excited to try the pomegranate and mild wasabi beef slider. Unfortunately, though delicious, I couldn’t taste pomegranate in the burger. However, the wasabi taste came through nicely without being too strong. Mr E said that perhaps the pomegranate might be more noticeable with the chicken?

Mr E and I both felt that the grilled chicken and Asian slaw lacked a little flavour – a problem that none of the other Grill’d burgers have. When Mr E put some of the hot chilli mayo on it, he created magic 😉 It was flavoursome, and full of crunchy delicious texture. Yum!

Going in, I was least enthusiastic about the beef, cheese, mustard and pickle slider. However, it was the one I enjoyed the most! Such a classic taste done extremely well 🙂 Good job, Grill’d!


As per usual, the service was quick and friendly. The place clean, there were highchairs provided (also clean) and for every purchase, you’re helping out a charity group 🙂

Thanks again, Grill’d, for the delicious lunch. We certainly will be back soon! In case any Grill’d staff reads this review, please note that Chicken and Asian slaw slider + hot chilli mayo = awesome. Just sayin’.

For my last review, please click here.

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