Child friendly restaurant: Chatterbox Espresso Bar

Chatterbox Espresso Bar
02 6251 7453
40 Cameron Avenue
Chatterbox Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

Since we were in the area, Mr E picked Chatterbox Espresso Bar as our lunch venue a couple of weeks ago. Located near the new Unilodge in Belconnen, it is slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the Westfield. I like the way the place is decorated, it has a modern vibe but still welcoming. Being such good morning that day, we opted an outdoor table.

When I requested a highchair, we were told that they’ve ordered but has yet to receive them. I don’t mind feeding Little E in his pram, but I really prefer not to since he’s pretty messy. Never mind that.


Mr E and I ordered a cappuccino each, in a mug! I am on my way to full caffeine intake these days 😉 We both thought that they were good coffee, not the best ones we’ve had in Canberra but they hit the spot nevertheless. I love how they came with little chocolate cookies on the side, it’s a great touch 🙂 Little E was envious of our beverages and wanted in on it, so we ordered a babyccino for him. I liked how the waiter asked whether we wanted chocolate powder on it (their usual), which we opted without. Can you tell whether he liked it or not from the photo below? 🙂


Our food arrived in no time at all, definitely a big tick from me when we’re with Little E, as he’s a little impatient. As soon as you sit him down, and it’s his lunch time, he wants food pronto! I cannot remember which dish exactly that I chose but it came with smoked salmon, poached eggs and potato rosti. I didn’t mind this dish, though it was rather plain and needs salt. It would have been a lot better if it came with hollandaise sauce, I think. Mr E chose their lamb and tomato pot “thing” (again, I can’t remember what the dish is called), unfortunately, neither of us liked it. We reckon they must’ve forgotten to stir through the tomatoes, as the dish tasted like stewed lamb mince with salt. That’s it.


We thought that we could share our meals with Little E, as they’re both pretty baby friendly. Little E was having none of that, and opted to be pretty fussy. He didn’t like the potato rosti. He didn’t like the poached egg white. He didn’t like the lamb. He, also, didn’t like the toasted bread that came with the lamb, when he’s normally a big bread lover. So we asked the waiter if we could have a side of yogurt (as we noticed they offer fruit salad and yogurt in their menu). Just like our request for the babyccino, a side of yogurt was not a problem and a small plate magically appeared on our table.


With the name Chatterbox Espresso Bar, perhaps they market themselves more for their coffee. Being so close to a lot of the Government buildings and as mentioned above, a Uni residential building, they’ll be pretty popular. Weirdly, the place had a refrigerated cake display inside that had no cake. That morning, there were two bits of croissant and that was it. Perhaps the cakes and sweets were coming with the highchair 😉

All in all, I didn’t mind Chatterbox. The service was very friendly and prompt, no requests were too much and was very accommodating. The meals were reasonably priced and the portion size was good too. We found out that morning that the owner is a father of a young child as well, perhaps that is why he was so patient with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t like their food and while we didn’t mind their coffee, they weren’t good enough for us to go back for it. However, if you are nearby and looking for a child-friendly cafe/restaurant, please do try Chatterbox out.

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