Travel Buddies

If I could do anything in this world, I would love to be a full time traveller! I love travelling. There is nothing like experiencing new food/place/atmosphere/culture, the more I see, the more I yearn for more. It’s an addiction. It is definitely one of few things why I need to work, so that we have money to fund this addiction.


What my fortune cookie said at CNY

I am lucky that I married another traveller. From our first holiday together, I knew that I have found my match. We holiday really well together, we like the same thing, we want to do/see almost the same thing. My need to travel is definitely a lot worse than his, but he lets me get away with it 🙂 Since the year we got married, we’ve been going to one overseas holiday a year. For the years that we couldn’t, we will make it up for the following year. I am also tremendously blessed to have inlaws who understand my desire to travel. I am counting my lucky stars that I have such supportive parents who cares. This year, they’ve offered to look after the little one so that we can travel by ourselves.

With my brother and sister inlaws, we’re going for some jam-packed fun in Japan! For THREE WEEKS! Wooooeeeee!!!! I am sooooo excited! We’ve all bought our tickets and we will start planning our itinerary. It would be my third visit to the beautiful country, and I am very much looking forward to it.

However, I am also worried how I will cope being away from Little E for that long. I know that he will be very well looked after, and I know that he will be just fine being spoilt rotten by his Grandma and Pa. I don’t know about me, though. I am definitely feeling a little apprehensive, as he’s too little to talk on the phone, so there won’t be much contact for the entire time.

If you have been away from your little one for longer than 1-2 days/nights, how did you go? What did you do to make it better for yourself (and your little one)? Would you do it again? Any advice and suggestions would be very much appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Travel Buddies

  1. The Pinterested Parent says:

    My husband & I are also huge travelers. We traveled somewhere new every year up until her birth. We even went to Iceland when I was 6 months pregnant. I look forward to traveling with our daughter when she get older. We have yet to leave her either. Japan sounds amazing. I am sure you will miss her like crazy but enjoy your alone time as a couple & sleep in everyday.

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