Child Friendly Restaurant: Jade Dumpling Noodle House

Jade Dumpling Noodle House
Ph: 02 6262 2918
Shop B
Gungahlin Place West
Jade Dumpling Noodle House on Urbanspoon

We went to the place excited for some all-you-can-eat hot pot. Sure it was such a hot day, but tell me of an all-you-can-eat and I’m there quicker than Little E would be when he spotted his water bottle. So I was a little disappointed when I found out that the restaurant had closed and was replaced by a dumpling restaurant. I read that as a generic Chinese restaurant, especially when reading their menu. Yes, there were dumplings on offer, but nothing like what other dumpling places around. However, we were there, and it was past Little E’s lunch time, so we went in anyway.


On first impression, it was clean! With an open kitchen. How unusual for a Chinese restaurant 😉 The waitress must have seen me struggle opening the door with the pram, as she held the door open. She also came up with a clean highchair in no time and was friendly. Another man, who I assume is the owner, was also friendly, paying a lot of attention to Little E. He even gave him another plate to play with when he dropped the one he already has.

There were other families with young children, and from what I saw, they were also treated nicely. No comments nor abrupt actions for the mess and noise these young ones tend to create 🙂 I am impressed!


Now, the food. We ordered one serve of their beef and chive steamed dumplings, and it came out nice and quick. I would have loved the skin to be thinner and the filling less “cooked”. However, it wasn’t bad and Little E liked it. For mains, we ordered shantung chicken and spicy beef strips served with steam buns. Mr E and I were a little disappointed with the chicken, as it lacked the tartness of the vinegar. In fact, it was a little too sweet, though the chicken was deboned and juicy. Little E ate some of it and didn’t mind it. We liked the beef and the buns, Mr E especially! I’m pretty sure he would’ve eaten it all if I said I didn’t want it lol We gave some of the buns to Little E, which he ate happily. He didn’t really like the beef, as it was a little tough for him and perhaps also a little too overpowering for his palate.


CNY celebration continued, Little E's first experience watching the lion dance

All in all, given the friendliness, the cleanliness and the patience given to Little E, I would say they’re an okay choice for a Chinese restaurant if you have young ones. I probably will not go back, only because it’s a little far from where we live, so we rarely in the area. Also, there are too many other Chinese restaurants around that we would like to try instead, or just go to ones that we know are good.

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