Activities: National Zoo, Canberra


We spent the morning at the zoo with the gang from Mothers Group today. It is a (very) belated joint birthday celebrations for all the babies! It was such a great day, I’m pretty sure that all of us enjoyed the trip.

There were zookeepers wandering around for us to pat the animals they’re carrying. Little E’s favourite was the baby alligator! Except he didn’t pat it, instead, he scratched it as he would with his scratch and play baby books. Ha!


Little E was captivated by all the animals, sights, smells, and activities the entire time we were there. It’s interesting too to watch how the different babies react to an emu that was walking around. One brave little boy walked straight towards it. Another sat right down and cried. Little E started to approach it then when it turned around to face him, he hid behind me lol


Little E didn’t last the walk back to the car before he started snoring. Us parents are so exhausted too! It’s a pity that the café doesn’t really serve much, as it would be great to have lunch there too.

I totally recommend the zoo if you have young ones and are looking for something to do. The entry price is very reasonable and you get a whole day of fun experience 🙂

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