Happy Australia Day 2014


We made our way to Stage 88 early to catch the first Dora the Explorer show. It was Little E’s first exposure to her and he loved her! Mr E told me that he was mesmerised by all the commotion on stage and the audience (most of the kids there participated). When it ended, and everybody clapped, he chuckled lol


Prior to the show, I queued up to get our free-ish (a gold coin donation) sausage sizzle. Mr E also got us free chocolate milks, yogurt and OJ. I couldn’t resist and get a Dagwood Dog too. Mr E hates it but I’m an Aussie at heart, I gotta get me some! 😉


After the show, we watched the raising of the flag, gun salutes and flyovers. Little E was fine with the loud bangs, until the flyovers happened. He wasn’t happy. Ha! We also saw a snake and a lizzard, proudly presented by the Zoo. Little E got to pet both animals, while I watched from a safe distance. They give me the hibby jibbies!!!

We’re at home now, full, happy and content. The weather was amazing this morning, cool in the shades but warm in the sun. Great temperature, with awesome atmosphere, the typical Aussie day we’re most proud of.

Happy Australia Day! 🙂

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