Almost child friendly eatery: Chez Frederic, Braddon

Chez Frederic
Ph: 02 6248 0044
14 Lonsdale St
Chez Frederic on Urbanspoon

We met up with a couple of my friends today for lunch at Chez Frederic. It is apparently a new concept of eatery, focusing more on take-away meals, and less dine-in. From what I experienced, it is restaurant food made quick.

They have quite a selection in the menu and it took a while for me to choose. I had to order a meal for me to share with Little E, so it had to be on the healthy side. I really wanted to try their sandwiches, which sounded nice but sandwiches aren’t really baby-friendly. Most especially since there’s no highchairs available. In the end, I chose their seafood risotto with parmesan cheese.


While we waited, I let Little E toddle around the place. It is bright and airy, clean with plenty of seats. They had 2 big tables for communal seating, as well as a smaller one, which we occupied. I like the decor they chose, it’s simple and clean but very welcoming. The service was also friendly, and the food took no time to arrive.


I enjoyed the risotto and Little E did too. It had nice amount of seafood, and it wasn’t overly salted either. I normally don’t order risotto as they tend to be quite a hit-and-miss. So when I get a good one, I know. This one was good. The portion was huge, though for the price ($19.50) you kinda want it big.

Our friends had the lasagna and I noticed that it had nice portion of meat in it. I hate going to a restaurant and ordering lasagna, only to find it mostly pasta sheet and tomato sauce.

The fact that Chez Frederic provided no highchairs make it hard for parents whose kids don’t settle well in prams. However, the place has nice quality food that is served quickly. Perfect for hungry little tummies πŸ™‚ They do have a big selection of food, most I would give to Little E. I reckon, if you’re dining with your non-parents friends, they’ll be happy with this place too.

If you’re on the lookout for new eatery to try, please do give Chez Frederic a go πŸ™‚

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