My first day

I survived!

It actually went really well and fast. Before I know it, it was lunchtime already. Then, it was 3:50, which meant almost home time! Hoorah!

It helped that I spent the morning visiting some old colleagues, chatting the time away. Ha! Everyone was so happy to have me back and was so welcoming that I couldn’t help but be excited about it too šŸ™‚ My new team seemed great too, lots of parents and so they were very understanding.

There were only two times when I thought of Little E in a sad way. The rest of the time, I felt like I am doing a good constructive thing. For me and for my family. So that’s great. I think it is because I know that he had a good morning at care, apparently napping well and ate all of his lunch. Phew!

I didn’t bring any photos of him because I thought having them around would make it harder for me. However, I have been told that it’ll make difficult days a lot better. So I’m getting Mr E to print me a couple.

I guess this whole thing was like having to rip off a bandaid. The dread of having to do it is far worse than the actual pain involved šŸ™‚

First day back at work after 14 months hiatus = success!

2 thoughts on “My first day

  1. Glad to hear that you’re in a team with other parents.that should make things easier šŸ™‚
    Also glad to hear you’re prepared for the possibility of bad/sad/bored days.

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