Child-friendly restaurants: Papparich

Ph: 02 6230 4929
Bunda Street
Pappa Rich on Urbanspoon

Last week, we were stuck at home with a cold since Monday. So on Wednesday, I finally had enough and packed us up to try Papparich. It’s a franchise Malaysian restaurant, apparently popular even in Malaysia! It truly is God’s answer to my prayers for good Malay/Indo food in Canberra.


The place is setup quite nicely, it definitely has a welcoming feeling. We came just when they opened and already, there were patrons there. I requested a highchair, which was promptly placed in our table. We were given our menus and when we were ready to order, I filled in our order form and ring the bell on our table. The waiter didn’t take long to grab it from us.

In no time at all, our meals came. I loved everything I ordered, and Little E agreed. I found the Teh Tarik (iced milk tea) a little on the too sweet side but refreshing nevertheless. The chicken curry in my nasi lemak was nice and tender. Spicy but not too much for Little E. I like my sambal to have more heat, but it had a nice taste to it.

Little E polished almost the entire butter and kaya jam on toast. The bread was amazingly light and fluffy, it almost disappear when you chew it. So so good! I would have loved it to be more toasted but it was great for Little E.

The piece of resistance (or Mr E’s worst nightmare) was the plate of deep fried chicken skin. I just couldn’t not order it. It is sinful, and I felt disgusting afterwards, but they were yummy and crispy and salty and just amazingly naughty. I felt bad that I had the whole plate to myself. To think I just paid $6.90 for a plate of skin is almost amusing.

Yesterday, we took my inlaws there for lunch as we were killing time in Civic before their flight. We had to wait in line for about 30 minutes as Papparich was incredibly packed! This time, I finally got to try their laksa, roti, mee goreng and various drinks. I love the laksa, as they only used fat hokkien noodles too! My favourite. The soup wasn’t too spicy nor fatty, so Little E had a little taste. He still loved the kaya toast and drank almost a quarter of my milo tarik!

I thought their roti chanai was pretty yum, though I preferred eating it with just the sambal and not bother with the curries. I accidentally ordered the vegetarian laksa instead of the chicken but it was delicious nevertheless. I would have loved more of the yummy eggplants though, as there weren’t much stuff in it other than noodles.

The special nasi lemak didn’t look as good as when I went last time. The kaya toast was also even less toasted, they came out without a hint of brown. It could just be because they’re busy, as the actual taste itself was the same.

Again, even though the place was extremely full and busy, they were accommodating to Little E. They gave us a clean highchair, tuck away his pram and didn’t mind his messiness. I am already looking forward to trying more of their dishes! 🙂

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