Child-friendly restaurants: Asian Noodle House, Woden

Asian Noodle House
6 Launceston St
Phillip (near the Ice Skating rink)
Asian Noodle House Woden on Urbanspoon

Laksa is my comfort food. When I feel sad or down, and you give me a bowl of laksa, I will be your best friend forever (or until I finish licking the bowl). However, I found that most Chinese restaurants don’t cater for little people so it’s hard to take Little E out for when I get the craving. Most places don’t have highchairs, and pack their tables and chairs so tightly, you can’t fit a pram. I won’t name names, but we were almost turned away from a popularΒ Chinese/Asian restaurant in Civic because of our pram.

Anyway, I went to Asian Noodle House in Woden for a lunch date one day and it was great. There were enough room for a pram and they had a highchair for Little E. Mind you, it was pretty grotty but at least I didn’t have to feed him in his pram. Being a Friday, there were plenty of office workers there, yet I didn’t feel rushed.

I must admit I only have their laksa when I go, so I can’t vouch for the other dishes. However, I thought the laksa I had was as good as their other branches I’ve been to (Dickson and Tuggeranong), and similar prices too I think. Like most Chinese places, our food came very quickly, important indeed when dealing with a hungry baby! πŸ™‚ Mr E likes their Bah Boon (heeeheeeheeee), which is a vermicelli noodle dish – it is nice and fresh, perfect for a hot summer day food!

I felt so bad when I left the restaurant as Little E made such a big mess. However, the waitress didn’t seem to mind and even gave him a little wave. Phew!

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