Child-friendly restaurants: Grill’d, Civic

Grill’d Canberra Centre
Ground Floor, Scotts Crossing Entrance
148 Bunda St
Grill'd on Urbanspoon

I like Grill’d. Lucky, as my last ones cost a LOT. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was offered more free burgers, this time for proper review purposes.


We went today for lunch and I ordered my usual, The Kung Fu Fighter. My burger came within 5 minutes of us ordering, even though there were a steady stream of people coming in. My beef patty was juicy, and my buns nicely toasted. I don’t know how but they know the right amount of sauce and mayo to put on. Enough to get the taste but not too much that it makes your buns soggy very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger.


The chips we had were crunchy but nice and fluffy on the inside. I don’t normally like the rosemary herbs they put on the chips but today, they put just the right amount to not be so overpowering. I also liked that there were a lot of those little crunchy chips. Comment below if you know what I’m talking about!


Mr E is still doing his elimination diet, so before we got there, we went to their website to suss out what he can have. I love how Grill’d has all their ingredients and nutritional table nicely laid out on their page. In the end, he had the Bird n Brie burger, with no mayo and on gluten free bread. I thought that they had put on just a little bit too much Cranberry sauce but Mr E loved it. I thought the chicken breast fillet was so moist and perfectly grilled. You would need to see it to believe it, but the chunk of brie cheese in the burger was massive! It was delicious!

I appreciate the friendly service we received today. They were attentive and looked like they’re happy to be there. It was great to see, as there’s nothing worse than having to deal with sour waitresses who appeared like they’d rather be anywhere else but there!


The way the place was set out is great for parents with prams. There were enough room for us to park our pram and have Little E sitting in the highchair provided, and still feeling like we’re not in everyone’s way. There was even an “outside” bit with fake grass and everything! Just for something different πŸ˜‰

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at Grill’d in Civic today and I thank them for shouting us our burgers and chips πŸ˜‰

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