Justine, I Choo-se you!


Everyone, please meet Justine.

She’s the one I have decided to break my 2-year hiatus in bag-shopping for. She’s a full leather, with loads of space for Little E’s things and yet, not too heavy either. She also doesn’t look like a normal nappy bag, which I like. She smells amazing, so much so that I am constantly sniffing her like a druggie on a binge. I also got it on a significantly reduced price as it is “last Season’s” – Score! And, Mr E approved!

As promised, here’s what’s in my (nappy/diaper) bag.

What's in my nappy (diaper) Bag

Now that the “dam gates” have been opened so-to-speak, I am itching to spend the rest of my savings on this bag. SO CUTE!!!

P.S. Turns out Little E has a slight cold. He woke up from his morning nap with a runny nose. This explains his fussiness.

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