Lemmings: The Clutch Edition


(img src)

This is a bag I wanted to buy while in Sydney. However, I couldn’t justify the price (it’s a “runway” collection) and with it having the hairy-side (is there a term for this?) of leather on it, it would be almost impossible for me to maintain.

Burberry Little Crush Clutch

(img src)

This is the easier (and cheaper) version of the bag that I would have bought, had Mr E didn’t have my wallet with him at the time I went to the shop.

Recently, Mr E have mentioned that my taste in things have changed. Not too surprising, as when we first met, I was a 20 year old girl. Now, I’m a 30-something year old mum! Of course, my taste have changed. However, in our 10+ years together, Mr E never said anything I like as “ugly”. That is until I showed him the bag I wanted.

I was insulted.

I mean, sure it’s too small to use as a nappy bag. And the original one I like is slightly kitsch, with the heart patterns and all, but I like heart patterns! But to call it “ugly”? Pffft!!! Needless to say, I’ve crossed it off my list.

I remember once my mum in-law told me that she bought an asymmetrical dress and wore it one day. When dad in-law saw it, he told her that it is the ugliest thing she’s ever bought in the 30+ years of them being together and that she should threw it in the bin. At the time I told her that Mr E hasn’t said anything so strongly like that to me. Well, now he has!

My dear friends, tell me, have you brought anything home to show your partner and he/she absolutely hate it? What did you do? Did you keep or return it?


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