OOTD of a sleep-deprived mum


I’m wearing an Emily Strange tshirt (another good buy from 2006!) and my ikat print Cotton On shorts. Little man is wearing his adorable RL pastel green onesie.  Please ignore his drool patch (he’s forever teething!)

Last night, I was reminded how tiring and difficult parenthood could be. Here we are, on a holiday, and we’re up half the night trying to get a hysterical crying baby to sleep. We also learnt how easy it is to just take the simple way out, anything to stop him crying and just sleep already!

Before I continue, I would like to emphasize again that as parents, you decide what you think is best for your baby. No matter what people say, either praises or criticism, you know what is best. Ultimately, it is your decision as parents.  therefore,  what I say on my posts, should not make you question your decision. Please do take it on board, if you like, and review whether your original thoughts are right. But please, don’t take what I write about as an indirect criticism of you 🙂

Anyway, one of our decisions was that we will not be co-sleeping. Was. Because we did last night. We were tired and little E just wanted to be held. So we put him in between us, cuddled him, and we slept for a full 4 hours.   I have to say, it was nice cuddling him to sleep. It was also lovely to wake up with him slobbering all over my face. I like to think that I woke up to his kisses today 🙂

We’re off to see our friends and their adorable baby of little E’s age today. Hopefully, after their playing around, and a swim this afternoon, would tire little E out and he’ll sleep better tonight!

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