Lemmings: The Nappy Bag Edition


I bought this bag when we were in Nice (France) on our second honeymoon (the first one was to the Barossa Valley). I really wanted this as it was a special edition, and most places I’ve been to in Australia either have sold out, or sell them at a ridiculously marked-up price. This bag not only is a souvenir of a romantic holiday, it also went with me to Japan. It was there with me when I first experienced being in the snow (actual snowing snowing, not just seeing dirty snow on the sidewalk), this bag holds a lot of great memories!

When we came back from Europe, I used this bag as a “work” bag for weeks on end. It is lightweight, it is spacey, and if you take it on your travels, it folds right down to nothing. So you can pack it with you on the way there, and bring it back full of things you bought on your holiday 🙂 It is an amazing bag!

I had bought a nappy (or diaper) bag when I was a few months pregnant. Being a “bag person”, it was one of the things I was really looking forward to. I pored myself into blogs and forums, deciding on what would be “the best” bags. For me, it had to hold a lot and would be easy to clean. I also didn’t want to have to “baby” it, like I do with my other bags I sometimes carry with little E. So when I saw a few Singaporean bloggers recommended this bag, I jumped the gun and bought it straight away.

What they didn’t say was that this bag is HEAVY! As it is full leather (the smell is wonderful! Who else is addicted to leather smell?) and has loads of hardware. So after a couple of months of feeling like I should use it when little E arrived, and feeling weighed down, I switched to my beloved Le Pliage. I had tried to use my Neverfull MM, but since it is in the Damier Azur, I felt like I was carrying two babies with me.

I have been carrying the Le Pliage for almost 6 months now. Day in and day out, it is with me. I have spilt water and food in it, it held dirty nappies and clothes, and it had been placed on dirty dirty things (shudder!), and so.. it is now, in a very very sorry state. The edges have been grazed and it has holes on its corners 😦 I am going to retire it soon, and will be back as my travelling bag. Therefore I am now on the hunt of a new nappy bag.

These are the two on my shortlist so far:

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Satchel in Black with Brushed Gold

LV BB Noe in Epi Figue

I think I will most likely go with the RM, since it is 1/3 of the price of the Noe. Though with it being a full leather and has loads of hardware, I might end up having the same problem as the Tribe bag.

On a similar note, I hate how people immediately judge me as “pretentious” for buying designer bags. I mean, I work an honest job and handbags are what I like. It’s my interest, my passion. I don’t judge others on their interests, why judge me? Mr E likes his games, brewing stuff and cars. Others who likes sewing spend their money on stashes of fabric. Some buy wardrobes of clothes or pairs of shoes. People travel or go to sport events. I buy bags (and travel and eat yummy food). Those who like cars and technologies spend heaps on those stuff. I don’t have the latest phone or buy clothes for every season or drive a fancy car. I buy bags.

It is also against my own personal belief to buy knock offs or “inspired” bags, as I think it is outright stealing someone’s artistic work. Therefore I buy the real stuff. So what if the style of bags I like happen to be expensive? Why does it bother them how I spend my money? As far as I’m concerned, if you work an honest job, and not go into debt for what you like to do/buy, then people should not be judging. How I spend my money should not have an impact on you unless I bought the last of an awesome bag then please, do judge me on how great my taste in bags is 🙂 Luckily for me, I married a wonderful man, and he’s totally supportive of my passion (addition/obsession/whatevs) – yay me!

Also, I have to add that I don’t buy bags all the time. In fact, the Tribe bag was the last bag I bought, The one before that was the Neverfull from their flagship shop in Champs Elysees in 2010!

Wow.. this post just turned into a rant! Apologies. Anyway, when I finally decide on what my next “nappy” bag is going to be, I will do a “What’s in my bag?” post with the new bag 🙂

8 thoughts on “Lemmings: The Nappy Bag Edition

  1. JP says:

    We have a nappy bag (that I thought was just a random full-kitted-out school/work/laptop bag when we first made the pricey purchase a while ago). Our nappy bag is a simple Oroton “Nappy Bag” (I really should have read the label before we purchased it) with all you need inside… which isn’t much really just a few random zippered bags and a ‘laptop wrap’ (aka change table mat). Lol… We think it’ll work well…

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