A Baby on a Budget: Preloved clothes and toys and homegoods and random stuff

I am all for buying preloved goods, most especially clothes and toys for little E. Just like you would recycle your milk bottles and drinks cans, second hand things are pretty much of the same idea. When I was around 8 months pregnant, we got giant piles of clothes from a person at work. There were literally hundreds of cute mini shirts and pants and onesies and PJs, I had great fun sorting through them. Sure, some I did just binned because they were stained (eewww), some I re-donated as they weren’t my style, most I had kept. I washed them probably two, three times, just so that I know they really are clean. Then hang them in the sun, for good measure 🙂


Among them, is this cute Ralph Lauren onesies. It is just adorable! Now, had I bought this new, it would’ve cost me $50-100! This is what I loved about buying second-hand stuff, when you get good stuff, it’s like hitting the jackpot! And, you’re helping those more needy! Double WIN! 🙂

Actually, I was told a few years ago (about the time I started op-shopping), the clothes that you buy from Department stores aren’t all that new either. Most would resell returned items, some are already worn and even stained. Even if you go and try clothes these days, most white clothing items have foundation marks on the neckline, or some deodorant marks on dark clothes! That really grosses me out. Yet, you would pay full price on these items!

Besides, little E is at a stage where he insists on feeding himself, so he has an outfit change after every meal. That’s a LOT of washing! So what I do now, is when the clothes he’s wearing look ultra dirty, and I know that I didn’t spend too much on them, I just put them straight into the bin! lol

I went to Vinnies this morning, while waiting for my clothes to finish being washed at a nearby motel (our washing machine had died and the 4 loads of washing is really stressing me out, so the kind receptionist let me use theirs – bless him!), and I went a little cray cray buying toys for little E. They’re so cheap! And as I was buying plastic ones, I can just wipe them off with warm soapy water, and hey presto, new toys!

So what is the point of this blog post?

The point is, having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive. They don’t care if they have the most expensive branded clothes (though I do wish I have the heart to blow our savings at the Burberry baby department! They have the most amazingly cute stuff!), or the latest toys. As long as they’re warm, entertained, and get loads of cuddles, our minions will be happy. I didn’t grow up with proper toys, my most cherish memories of my childhood was my auntie making me a carriage made out of Pomelo skin! It was amazing 🙂

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