New trick

Who else gets embarrassed when you trip or fell over in public? Who tries to look back on the ground to check whether something was there and not just clean flat ground? Who would continue walking like nothing happened even though your knee/elbow/face hurts like there’s no tomorrow?

It appears that all this applies to toddlers as well. At least, mine.

You see, Little E is a pretty active person. He just doesn’t sit still. There’s no such thing as sitting quietly to read or paint or draw. He would do those activities standing up, while walking around the table, then sitting down, then standing up, and so on. You get the drift. He does the same thing while playing.

My inlaws told me that he definitely is an active little one, at least compared to their three boys and the thousands of little people they see at their work.

Anyway, I have now stopped worrying whether he’d fall or trip. I just have to let him spend his excess energy and have him sleep properly at night ;) Even if it meant him falling all over the place as he doesn’t understand the concept of being careful yet.

However, lately, I’ve noticed that he has a new trick up his sleeve. Either out of embarrassment or plain ol’ silliness, when he falls now, he would yell out


and starts squiggling on the ground like a.. well.. worm.



We went to the Indonesian Embassy festival today. I believe it was the third time this year that the embassy opened up its doors to the public. This one, though, was the biggest one so far. They had lots of food stalls, women accessories stalls and Indo promotional stalls. There were also entertainment of dancing and singing.


A traditional Balinese gate

Normally, when there are too many choices, I end up with nothing. However, when presented with Indo food, I go nuts. No. I went CRAZY. I ended up with pretty much everything. Bless Mr E, he took care of Little E while mummy queued up at every single stall there…..


The best thing they had: durian crepe!

I have a few of the stall holders as my Facebook friends, so I was able to pre-order. It’s a good thing, as by the time we got there (around 4 hours before the festival ended), some of the popular stalls had sold out! It’s crazy!

Anyway, it was such a glorious day. It was fun watching Little E dance to the traditional songs. It is interesting to watch that he can pick out words from the entertainers, repeating them to himself. I think he knows more Indo than Mr E already!


Loving mie bakso (meatballs and noodle soup)

Mr E said that the next open day is November 1st. So if you’re in Canberra then, please do check it out :)

Indonesian Embassy
8 Darwin Ave
Yarralumla ACT


Things aren’t going all that great in my household at the moment. Something that should have been exciting and a little bit stressful has becoming a lot of stressful and not all that exciting anymore. It definitely has made my anxiety getting way out of control.

Mr E said that it is “a short term pain for a long term gain”. I wish I can be more like him. Regardless, I am grateful for him this week. At least, I am not alone in dealing with the stress.

I am also grateful for my special friend that I see every week. Sure she’s getting paid for it but I’m grateful that we have built rapport and she has been helping me a lot to be better. It helps that not only she’s a mum to a similar age boy, she’s also my age :) She also promised me this week that we can get my anxiety controlled to a nice (almost nonexistent) level. I hope she’s right!


Totally random but oh so true! LOL

Who are you thankful for this week? :)

My mother’s love

I don’t know many nursery rhymes, in English nor Indo. When I was pregnant, I had to try to learn a few English ones. My mum inlaw even printed a few as posters :P But there is one Indo nursery rhyme that seemed to have stuck in my head, and I have been singing it to Little E since he was teeny tiny

Kasih ibu, kepada beta (My mother’s love to me)
Tak terhingga, sepanjang masa (Is limitless, for always)
Hanya memberi, tak harap kembali (Only giving, expecting nothing in return)
Bagai sang surya, menyinari dunia (Just like the sun, shining the world)

I think it might be that the song, how it describes a mother’s love, it really rang true to me. Though I have an Asian heritage, I disagree with the stereotypical Asian thoughts and expectations of a parent. My children do not owe me anything for raising them, it was my choice (and Mr E’s) to have children, therefore, it is our responsibility and duty to do our best. The money, the tears, the effort, the time, and everything else we spent on our children are our choice to spend. They do not have to “pay me back” in return, though it would be great to be respected and loved by them. I want that to be their choice though, because they actually do respect and love us. Not out of payment.

What is your favourite nursery rhyme?


I love the TV series How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). The comedy is right up to my alley and the storyline I find quite relatable. Most especially, Marshall and Lily, whose relationship is quite uncanny to mine and Mr E’s. We’re on the last few episodes of the final season, and last night’s episode about marriage vows kind of hit home to me.

I am sure that I have mentioned before, marriage wasn’t something that I wanted for myself before Mr E. I hadn’t known any good solid healthy marriage as I grew up. All of my direct uncles had mistresses, one even had two “family” home, each complete with “a wife and kids”. Add to that, watching my mum recover from heartbreaks as each relationship failed. Marriage? Umm, no thanks.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew I had to get married one day. After all, I want to be a mum. For me personally, children had to be done after marriage. So I settled on being a “realist” when it comes to marriages. Ie. They have an expiry date. Then I got to know my in laws.

They are the first people I know who are still married after three kids. Who still took anniversary trips alone. Who still have a “chemistry”. It is amazing for me to witness. They basically proven wrong my lifelong view on marriage. Still wanting to be with each other after (at the time I met them) twenty something years of marriage? What the what? It was unsettling.

Anyway, what has that got to do with HIMYM? Well, that episode on marriage vows gave me an epiphany. Does broken marriage really comes down to unrealistic expectation of inflexible forever promise? Taking loyalty aside obviously. People change, and so for relationships to last, each person has to be flexible? Sure, he isn’t the man you married three, five, ten years ago, but neither are you, probably.

I am not an expert on relationships, or marriages. But I know that ours have changed. We used to leave notes for each other, trying to beat the other one by finding the most inconspicuous location to hide these notes. We used to have weekly date nights. Heck, I even used to pick out his clothes almost every morning (down to his socks and undies). And now? I ain’t got time for that.

“I promise to love you in sickness and in health”? If Mr E is puking his guts out, while having a series bouts of diarrhoea? I will continue to love him from afar. I might even throw him some wet wipes and a new clean pair of undies. But I’m not touching him. I might have when the glow of a newlywed was still on my face. But not now.

So perhaps, this is the time when we have to be flexible. Acknowledging the change, and remoulding ourselves to suit. That perhaps some our marriage vows may have been broken a few times, that maybe they no longer apply, but at the core of it all, if we’re committed to each other, then.. well, you get my inlaws’ marriage.

What do you guys think?

Ps. Sorry for the ramble. I woke up at 5 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Maybe in a few years time, I’ll be less understanding and throw a pillow on his snoring face. I would still be committed to him though ;)


This week, I am grateful for my girlfriends. Most especially, my four amigos in Brisbane, Little E’s favourite Tante A, his awesome babysitter auntie J and his twin sister’s mum, auntie E.

I’m guaranteed to have great time with my amigos, though we don’t talk as frequently as we should, when we catch up again, it feels like I’m never away. With the number of years we’ve known each other, it’s great to just be myself, knowing that I am accepted. Can’t wait to see them (at least three of them) in a few weeks!

Little E’s Tante A for being such a great ear and for coming along my journey with me, being a constant in my life. It’s nice to have a reliable support, who is without judgement. We had a nice outing to Floriade, sitting in the sun, chatting. It’s a great change being able to share my stories honestly and unload ;)

His awesome babysitter, auntie J, who’s always so helpful and caring to, not only Little E, but also me. The next few weeks are going to be stressful in my household, I’m so relieved that I have her to count on to make sure that my precious is well taken care of.

His twin sister’s mum, for sharing my mummy journey, giving me the chance to spend time with a “daughter”. I always enjoy our weekly meet up, it’s something I look forward to each week. Watching the two kids interact make me happy beyond belief ♡


Sharing a bowl of noodles with his twin

Thanks to these seven ladies, my week has been so much easier :)

Who are you grateful for this week and have you thank them?