Child Friendly Restaurant: Cholo’s Peruvian Restaurant

Cholo’s Peruvian Restaurant
Ph: 02 6248 8648
Shop 68 12 Challis St
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So on the day that Little E decided to have one of his worst tantrumy day, we went out to lunch with one of our dear friend. She suggested the place and I was excited to try it out. Correct me if I’m wrong, Canberran, but it seems that there has been a recent explosion of Peruvian food here. I first saw it at the Multicultural Festivals, then at the different festivals since, and now, there’s an actual restaurant! How exciting!

Anyway, the dining experience didn’t start all too well. Little E refused to sit in his highchair, then he continued to wahwahwah so loudly for the longest time. The other diners kept looking back at us, including a couple with a young baby. I really want to say to them “just you wait, dudes, just you WAIT!!!”. But I didn’t. The restaurant owner who served us was trying so hard to help me, she even offered for me to go out the back to see if I want to check his nappy. It was embarrassing.

So, I ignored him. At least, I tried to. I let him vent his frustration, while I tried to hold an adult conversation with my friend. Before I knew it, our orders arrived to the table and would you know it, as soon as I gave Little E a bit of my burger bun, he quietened right down. Heh.


For him, I ordered some kind of crumbed cassava ball with mince and egg inside (it’s not in their online menu?). The ball came with a delicious quinoa salad and green capsicum (?) sauce. Little E really enjoyed this dish. He was messy as always, which is a sign of his approval :) I ordered the Cholo’s Adobo Burger, a burger with slow cooked moist pork adobo with lettuce and sarsa criolla. It was good, though I would have loved some sort of sides, even only a little, to have it with. The buns were light and fluffy, Little E liked it too, and the pork was nice and tender. Unfortunately for them, though, I actually liked the burger I had from the Peruvian food stand at the airport open day more. Our friend ordered the 1/4 chicken, served with chips and salad. To me, it looked good, I love grilled chicken. My friend said that her dish was alright, but not spectacular.

In the end, the meal turned out quite well. Little E ate his lunch, I ate my burger in peace, and I can have full catch-up conversation with my friend. Little E must have gotten a good vibe from the owner as when we’re about to leave, he actually gave her a hug! lol I didn’t know that he’s the sort to dish out affections to strangers like that ;) She did tell us that she is a mother of two young kids though, so I guess he could tell from her warmth towards him. The owner told us that she has plans to create a creche area for parents to leave their kids to play. I think it is such a brilliant idea, pretty sure, she’ll be the first in Canberra to do that. I will definitely go back there, even just for that!

Though I didn’t rate my burger as awesome, I did like Little E’s dish, and I know that Mr E would like to try the place, so I will definitely go back to try their other dishes. With the owner so friendly and patient, the cleanliness of the place and the speed of serving times, it is still pretty much a win for me :)


This has to be, by far, THE best Easter eggs present I’ve ever received in my life ♡


I do wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he was sticking those egg wrappers on! He must have been so hilarious to watch :)

Like I said to Mr E tonight, I thought I knew what happiness was but I didn’t, because I have never been this happy with my life before. All thanks to my little precious man. He makes me want to be the best that I can be for him. I am a happy mum :)


Bra shops.

A room full of pretty colourful bras. Lacy ones, frilly ones, floral ones. Most with pretty matching undies.

You grab a few of them that you like. They all promise so much, “lift and support”, “extra boost”, “comfortable but sexy”, and on they go. Enthusiastically, you make your way to the change room.

A tiny cubicle made out of floor-to-ceiling mirrors with white fluorescent light. Sometimes you get a door, at fancier ones, you get heavy drapes.

With so much hope, you put them on, remembering the giant photos of beautiful ladies in their lingerie on the walls outside. The salesperson hanging around outside your door, threatening to barge in while you’re naked.

Then, you saw them.

The ever ending reflections of you in the mirrors. Millions of them. In those pretty bras. Under the bright light. Highlighting all your nooks and crannies.

All. Of. Them.

A total self-confidence crusher.

Ladies, please tell me I’m not alone in this.


I love drawing and painting. Growing up, I used to go to different drawing competitions. I never won anything because I was, and still am, not very good at it. However, I am thankful that my mum never discouraged me.

So, it really does make me happy when I hear from Little E’s carers that he also loves painting. I really want to encourage his creative side so this morning, we did some painting at home.

I made some “paints” that are baby friendly with the following products.


Add half a cup of flour and half a cup of salt into a mixing bowl. Stir through luke warm water slowly until you get your desired consistency (I made it slightly thicker than normal paint). I had to use a sieve to leave out some lumpy bits. Separate mix into different unbreakable bowls (or a muffin tray), colour each lot and you got yourself some edible (but pretty disgusting tasting) paints! :)

I used the cocoa powder to create a brown paint but it didn’t work out as well as the others. A friend told me today that she also has used coloured yogurt successfully :)


It was a great rainy day activity, though I would suggest you still do it outside or at least, on covered floors. Little E had a great time, and it kept him occupied for a bit. Hooray!



We had one of those days today. Little E was super duper fussy! A cranky little pants. Close to the worst he’s ever been (though not as bad as the Hobbiton – which we’ve now use as a benchmark).

Far out.

I don’t mind that he fusses, that’s the only way he knows how to convey his mind, like all babies. But now, he’s turned it up a notch. He rages! He throws tantrums.

My goodness.


Throwing tantrums at the quiet echoey museum

Mind you, it does seem to happen mostly on Thursdays. The first day he’s home with me. I really don’t understand because he’s fine on Fridays, and the weekends.

Does he not want to be home? Does he not like to be with me? Does he like daycare that much? Is he in his “terrible twos” already? Or, am I just boring for him?


Mr E recently made a comment that made me stop in my tracks and have a think about it. It wasn’t a criticism, it was only an observation that he thought was interesting.

To his eyes, I am not as caring about Little E physically as I do mentally. At the playground, I let him take the reign on how much he can handle. If he wants to climb up the stairs and down the slides, I let him. If he falls over, I go to him quickly, but never rushing. In the pool, if he wants to splash around in the deep end, I’d let him. I keep him at an arm’s length, but I don’t prevent him from challenging himself physically.

But mentally? I worry. A lot.

I worry that I am not providing a good stable base for him. I worry that he might get bullied. I worry that he might not grow up to be a confident man.

I guess to me, physical pain and scars are visible to the eyes. I can see it when he’s hurt and so I can do all I can to heal him.

But mental pain and scars are hidden. It is up to him to open up to me or Mr E. Take any happy person off the street and I can guarantee 85% of them are suffering silently. Alone.

That is what I am worried about. The possibility of him being sad and feeling alone, that no body cares.


I want him to always be like he was in this picture: fascinated, excited, intrigued, brave and confident.

I know it is stupid to worry about things like this. I know that I can start from now to instil into him how we’re always going to be around for him. That he has his Godfathers to look up to as examples and for support. That he has many other family members he can count on. I know all this, but what if what I do isn’t enough?

What if I am not enough for him?


We were able to look after Little E’s girlfriend and most possibly, my future daughter inlaw last weekend. As much as having a daughter scares me, if I have to have one and I could choose, I would keep her any day!

Anyway, it is always interesting watching the two play together next to each other, as they’re so different but not really. Being at around the same age, their development stages are almost the same. Though Little E could do some things better, she’s so much better at other things.

When Little E’s first reaction when he sees a camera was to frown, hers was to smile. He’s obsessed with water bottles (hers especially as it’s pink), she loved playing with the ribbons. He loved his rocking elephant, she liked his bouncing zebra. They’re different and unique in their own special way, but extremely lovable just the same.

It was definitely a night of reminder for me to not compare Little E’s shortcomings to other babies’ strengths. I didn’t like it growing up, so I really shouldn’t do it to my children. Just like adults, babies are all individuals with their own quirks.

To quote Albert Einstein:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

It’s not a competition, mum! ;)